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Are you a serious actor in LA? Ready to update your headshots? Keeping your headshots current is a key component in your career!

We’ve familiarized ourselves with what agents, and casting directors are looking for and we provide actors with headshots that make them feel confident in the casting room.

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Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner in Los Angeles?

Photography plays a strong role on communicating to your customers on how you want them to portray you and your services.

Your lifestyle and branding photos must be of high quality to show you in the best light.


59% of employers use search engines to research candidates.

With top-notch corporate photographs in LA, you will heighten your chances of catching the eye of your dream employer. Whether you want traditional corporate photos on a white seamless, or something more editorial – we can help.

Quality Actor Headshots, and Business Lifestyle Photographer in Los Angeles, CA.

Sergio Garcia Photography is a top-rated quality actor headshot photographer with a knack at capturing vivid headshots in Los Angeles. Sergio believes the key to an actor headshot is determined by the eyes and the emotion behind them. 

Working alongside business clients in LA, Sergio has a keen eye on capturing formal business portraits along with tailored images for small businesses, entrepreneurs, on-air personalities, musicians, speakers and PR clients that prefer photographs with an editorial lifestyle twist. Models, both aspiring and professionals, in Los Angeles are happy to know that Sergio has worked with the top modeling agencies in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City helping them craft their models portfolios.

Being centrally located in Los Angeles, Sergio Garcia Photography is a quality choice for actors needing to update their headshots for pilot season, models who need to refresh their portfolios and for business owners needing lifestyle images for their branding material.

 Sergio also spends time in Dallas, TX where his love for his family and Tex-Mex food is filled.