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Keep your headshots fresh & up-to-date. We’ve familiarized ourselves with what agents, casting directors & producers are looking for and we provide actors with industry leading headshots that take you from new to qualified.


Communicate to your customers  what you want them to think and feel every time they see your image or hear your name with tailored photographs that capture your subtle character.


59% of employers use search engines to research candidates. Heighten your chances of discovery with quality corporate photos – from the traditional to something unique and suited for you.

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 b y   a p p o i n t m e n t   o n l y

Actor Headshots, Business & Corporate Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles

Often overlooked, photography plays a key component in attracting your ideal client and setting the stage for your brand. Whether you’re an actor, corporate professional, entrepreneur or entertainer you know how important of a role your image plays in your marketing and advertising arsenal. 

Sergio Garcia Photography is an established name in Los Angeles with a knack at capturing vivid actor headshots, formal corporate, executive and business portraits along with tailored images that show off the distinct point-of-view of rising entrepreneurs, on-air personalities, musicians, speakers and PR clients who prefer to stray from the expected.

Sergio also works with models and fashion publications who crave a refined and editorial edge.

Based in Los Angeles, California.