Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: These FAQ’s are mainly geared toward actor headshots. Corporate, Business and PR FAQ’s are not mentioned but some may apply.

whats my type?

If you’re new to the business, how do you determine your specific type for your headshots?

Click Here For 5 Tips on Finding Your “Type” for Headshots

What days of the week do you shoot?

We typically schedule our headshot sessions Monday – Friday.

How long is the session?

Shoot time usually lasts between 1 – 2 hours. If you are having your hair and make-up done by one of our agency approved hair and make-up artist, be sure to add another 45min – 1   1/2hr.

Can I bring someone with me?

Sure. If you’d like to bring a friend or family member, please do. However, please limit it to one (1) person.

What if I'm interested in modeling, not acting? is dedicated solely for actor, corporate, business and PR headshots / promos.

If you are interested in modeling, please refer to where you can view our full fashion and editorial portfolio.

Is a meeting necessary beforehand?


Everything you need to know can be done over email or phone.

Do you shoot natural light or studio?


At times we use controlled natural light for our actor headshots but may also use artificial lighting that mimics that of daylight. 

What are the guidelines for hair and make-up?

You have two options.

Option 1:

Pay an additional fee for one of our preferred agency signed Hair and Make-up Artist. They will remain on set throughout the session for touch-ups and changes. You want to look your best and there’s not a better way than to have a specialist on set to fix problems that will occur like blotchiness, shininess and stray hairs. We are not hair and make-up artist and our main focus will be on the lighting and composition of the image. Remember, it takes money to make money and this is a great investment for your headshots.  (highly recommended)

Option 2:

You can do it yourself. Keep in mind these ARE NOT beauty pageant photos. Your make-up and hair should remain simple and natural. Please don’t show up looking like a hooker as we do not offer re-shoots. We’ve had clients go to make-up counters for their make-up before they arrive which we don’t recommend. The make-up can be too heavy and they won’t be on set to fix any problems or do touch-ups / changes. (not recommended)

If I hire one of your artist, how should I arrive with my hair and make-up?

It’s suggested that you wash your hair the day before and arrive with it dry and arrive with a completely clean face (not even moisturizer) so they have a clean palette to work with.

What are the best types of clothing and colors to wear?

We find that softer colors work best. Think Autumn Brown, Sepia, Blue Grey, Burnt Sienna, Chestnut, Maple, Beige and Mocha. Some talents prefer brighter, bold colors. This is a personal choice, so we’ll leave it up to you.

To be safe, pick colors that compliment your skin and eye color.

Solid black always looks nice and stark. Avoid white as it tends to wash out your skin color, causing you to look very pale.

Please stay away from distracting patterns, big logos and loose clothing items. Fitted is always best. Any type of bell sleeve tops or ruffles never look good on film.

How many outfit changes am I allowed?

Our pricing structure allows you to start with one (1) outfit change and you can purchase as many outfit changes as you’d like after that.

Typically, talents go with two (2) outfit changes.

Do I need a wardrobe stylist?

Most of what you have in your closet should work so the answer is typically no. 

But if you feel like you need a wardrobe stylist, their role would include going out to pull pieces that work best for your look and type. 

They will steam the items the day of the shoot, pin them on you to make them look their best and then return the articles of clothing afterwards. Inquire about rates if interested.

I need character shots, do you shoot them?


However, subtle character shots work best. There is a way to portray an authoritative figure without showing up in a cop costume with badge and gun.

Do you play music during the session?

Of course. 

We use Spotify and usually have it playing upbeat music. If you’d prefer to listen to something else or plug your own device in, don’t hesitate to let us know.

What does retouching include?

Retouching includes: removal of stray hairs, pimples, dark circles and whitening of eyes and teeth.

WOMEN: if you choose to have your hair and make up done by an artist, speak up if you do not like something or don’t think it truly represents you. We can not photoshop make up (i.e. making eyeshadow darker or lighter, adding more blush etc). You must relay this to the artist so it is done beforehand.  Also, we will not take your eyes from image A, your lips from image B, your hair from image C and combine them all onto image D.

What lab do you recommend for prints?

We hear nothing but rave reviews from both actors and agents about Headshots 2 Go.

Please don’t go to Walgreens or Wal-Mart.

Will I like my photos?

Do you like yourself? 

Actor headshots are meant to capture the real you. Your crooked nose, big ears, angled chin, fat arms, big forehead, thin lips and receding hair line. No amount of make-up, hair, or retouching can help you like you. This has to come from the inside. You must come in knowing this and be comfortable in your skin and own it. If not, there’s no possible way you’ll like 200+ photos of yourself.

We work with professionals and won’t tolerate unrealistic clients. This is photography, not magic.

Types of accepted payments?

All major credit cards or cash are accepted. Either way you’ll receive a receipt.

We do not take personal checks.

If paying cash, make sure to bring the correct amount as we do not carry change.

Do you offer re-shoots?


We go into every session with the intention of giving you the very best and we expect you, being a professional, to arrive looking and giving your very best as well.

Sergio will be the first to reach out regarding a reshoot if he felt like he could of delivered a better end product.

Why choose you for my headshots?

Numerous actors attempt to save money by going the less expensive route. In the long run, they end up spending more money shooting multiple times with different photographers than what they would of initially, had they saved up and taken their career seriously. Not to mentioned all the wasted time, energy and possible jobs they could have landed (yikes!).

We know getting your headshot seems like a scary and somewhat daunting task, so we always try our hardest to make you feel welcomed, safe and keep the atmosphere laid back. Please read the numerous reviews on the web from past clients about their session with us.

Sergio is also an esteemed headshot photographer by numerous agents, managers and casting directors.

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