Corporate Photography in Los Angeles

Corporate Professional Needing Photography?

Whether you’re a small shop like Scardello Cheese, a medium sized company like Waldrop and Nichols or heavy hitters like Travelocity and Toyota, Sergio Garcia has provided corporate photography in Los Angeles to an array of clients of all shapes and sizes.

What do all these clients have in common?

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Affordable Actor Headshots in LA

Actor Headshots

need affordable headshots?

Los Angeles

are you an LA based actor who is looking for affordable actor headshots? 

sergio garcia photography prides himself in capturing top-tier headshots for new and professional actors in the LA industry. although not the least expensive, we are also not going to gauge actors for our work. with over a decade in the industry and working with top tier talent agencies, sergio is able to provide a professional, warm and welcoming atmosphere and works one-on-one with the actors on honing in on the looks they wish to capture.

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Chester Rushing, Actor Headshots

A Fan of Stranger Things?

Are you a fan of Netflix’ Stranger Things? Sergio Garcia had the opportunity to photograph Chester Rushing, who stars in the hit TV show.

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