Actor, Business, and Professional headshots in Los Angeles

Born on Elba Island in the Tuscan Archipelago to a goat herding family, Sergio Garcia moved to Paris, France at the age of 15 where he lived with his family in the fabled Latin Quarter district. He attended the prestigious École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts located on the left bank in Paris where he rubbed shoulders with some of the most influential artists in France and …

Just kidding! – Totally made that up.

Originally from the mid-west (Chicago) I’m now a photographer based in Los Angeles. While I’ve never herded goats, I do herd Molly, my 4lb Pomchi. I’m addicted to Tex-Mex food which is impossible to find in LA, I have a camera tattooed on my wrist (surprised?) and I’m working on attaining a green thumb (so far … let’s not talk about it). I’m available for work anywhere a car or plane will take me – (including Elba Island.)