H E A D S H O T  R A T E S

  • 3 hours $675

  • 2 hours $575

  • 1 hour is $400

R E T O U C H I N G  R A T E S

  • 1 image $35

  • 2 images $70

  • 3 images $100

  • 4 images $130

  • 5 images $160

  • 6 images $190

  • 7 images $210

  • 8 images $230

  • each image thereafter $25/ea.

H A I R  A N D  M A K E  U P 

  • Our hair and make up artists are not your regular beauty department artists. These artists are agency approved or signed and have worked on everything from commercials, fashion campaigns, editorials, tv, film and actor headshots. They are comfortable and familiar with all skin tones, hair and know how to work efficiently. 

    Their rate is a flat $150 for up to 2 changes. Additional changes will be billed at $50/ea. The artist will be paid separately on the day of the shoot. 


How many looks can i do?

We will shoot as many looks as we can within the allotted time frame you pay for.

Do I receive all the hi-res images?

Yes. You will receive the un-retouched images from our shoot, in high resolution, five (5) days after our session via Hightail or Dropbox. Keep in mind that in order to get the same quality of images you see on the site, the images would need to be retouched by Sergio Garcia himself. You will receive all the un-retouched images from the session but it is recommended you get your top selects retouched to match what you see on the website.

How is time divided?

Each hour includes entire shoot time. Meaning it includes hair and make up and shoot time. If you are needing hair and make up done you can either a) arrive with hair and make up already done or b) schedule a two hour session to allot for hair and make up being done. Feel free to ask questions regarding this if you need further clarity.

Can we do modeling photos?

These actor headshot rates do not cover any modeling or full length type shots. We will only shoot 3/4, chest and up shots. If you would like to book a modeling session, please visit Sergio Garcia Studios for samples of our modeling images and for pricing info.

Is there a deposit?

No. A deposit is not required beforehand. However, if you cancel your session 36 hours prior, the full amount will be required upfront in order to book again.

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