Searching for acting headshots near you? Then it’s probably safe to assume one of three things:

  • The current actor headshots you have failed to capture “the real you”. Therefore you’re not happy and are now requiring new talent agency headshots.
  • It could be the first time you’re needing good actor headshots and you’re wondering what should a headshot look like? Good headshots for LinkedIn won’t cut it.
  • Generally your acting headshots are old and need updating. It’s always important to keep your actor headshots up-to-date. Remember that your audition headshots need to showcase you as you look like now. Not 2 years ago.

Where To Get Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

If the latter, it is important to know that you should update your acting headshots (ideally) every 6 months. The reason everything 6 months has to do with a few factors; it is not just an arbitrary number.Β 

There are numerous things that can happen to you and your body in a 6 month time span.

  • Weight loss or gain
  • Change of hair color
  • Your hair length has changed
  • Maybe your acting agent or manager may be ready to update your look

Confession From A Head Shots Photographer

A producer once let us know the following tip (that we never forgot).

Casting directors may often overlook, or “pass up”, acting headshots when scanning through their files. This is due to the fact that they start to see the same acting headshot from the same actor over and over.

In short, they have become blind and used to seeing the same old acting headshot. Casting directors assume nothing new has changed with you and move on.

If this alone isn’t a good enough reason for actors to update their acting headshots more frequently … then we don’t know what is.

Acting Headshot Photographers Near Me

We are always traveling to numerous headshot “hot spots”! Luckily for actors we offer head shots near you in the following cities:

  • San Francisco, California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Want to know how to get a good headshot for acting in Vegas? The pool of (great) headshot photographers in Las Vegas is small since the market isn’t big there. Experienced headshot photographers, like Sergio, are essential in this small market due to his level of experience. You don’t want to waste your hard earned money on a headshot photographer who doesn’t understand the process.
  • Phoenix, Arizona: Getting a headshot photo in Phoenix is easy as SGH is located in Los Angeles. Only hours away from actors in Phoenix wanting to capture their set of great actor headshots.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas: Have you had issues capturing your best headshots in Dallas? Search for Headshot Photos Near Me and you will see why Sergio Garcia Headshots is a preferred headshot photographer in Dallas.
  • Austin, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Chicago, Illinois: A musical headshot and strong character headshots are a must in The Windy City. Serious actors who need acting headshots that capture their personality and unique look book with Sergio Garcia Headshots in Chicago.
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Miami, Florida
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Washington D.C.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Honolulu, Hawaii:
  • New York City (Manhattan), New York: Everything from broadway headshots, comedian headshots and musical theatre headshots are needed in The Big Apple. Sergio Garcia Headshots enjoys launching the careers of these actors, all of which need acting headshots that pop!

Actor Photoshoot for Serious Actors

When searching for acting headshots near me, our mobile headshot studio is able to provide services across the united states. If we are not in your area, we can connect you with an associate photographer.Β 


Top Actor Photographer Near Me in Los Angeles

As one of the best actor headshot photographer near you, S.G.H. has over 14 years photographing good actor headshots. During this time working with countless actors, agents and acting managers, we have learned valuable information.

For example, we have learned the following tips:

  • Male actor headshots should be done with and without facial hair. This will give you the most options. Make sure your photographer has headshot examples of both types of look.
  • An actor headshot photographer will provide the proper guidance beforehand (like what to expect and what to wear) to make sure the headshot session goes smooth.
  • The best actor headshots are a collaborative effort. It takes 50% from the photographer and 50% from the actor in order to capture professional acting headshots that get you bookings.
  • Commercial headshot photography is different than comedic, theatrical or dramatic headshots. Therefore you need an experienced photographer who can tackle the distinct differences between them. You don’t want to end up with crazy headshots that don’t fit your current roles or projects.
  • Actor head shots are not about having the most expensive camera or biggest photography studio. they require years of learning the proper lighting, cropping and retouching that meets industry standards. The best headshot photographers know this; not your friend with a camera. Need to see good sample headshots for actresses?

Recommended Photographers Near Me | Headshot Tips

  • Female headshots require one to finesse the hair and make sure it does not get in the way. Sometimes the hair lands odd on the chest and a hairy chest is never good for women headshots. How to get headshots that work effectively requires years of experience.Β 
  • Sometimes the best professional headshots will require a slight change in the headshot lighting. By this we mean that depending on your skin town and sensitivity to light, professional headshot photographers will know how to maneuver around this so that we can still capture top headshots. So whether you’re black, latin, asian, young or mature; we have you covered.

Acting Headshots Near Me: What’s Included?

Likewise when you book your professional acting headshots with Sergio Garcia Headshots you will receive the following.

  • Wardrobe consultation for acting headshots for men and women; you’ll be prepared for the do’s and don’ts of wardrobe.
  • Recommendations for hair and make up for women and grooming for men. These small details will lead to top quality acting headshots near you.
  • Throughout the session, we will help and guide actors with the best poses for acting headshots.
  • Our headshot studio provides an easy, laid back atmosphere during the shoot. We understand people don’t like being in front of the camera, so our acting headshot sessions are very laid back and easy for men, women and kids.

Actor Headshots Near Me: Professional Headshots Matter

Everyone has that friend with a camera who may be able to randomly capture a few good acting headshots of you. But the best actor headshots are those taken by a professional acting headshot photographer.

Good actor headshots require a headshot photographer with experience of not only their camera but also lighting, angles and dealing with people who don’t having their acting headshots taken.

If you’re serious about an acting career, you won’t waste time capturing awful/bad headshots. You want to get your acting headshots right the first time. That will mean looking at where to get headshots near you with a headshot photographer.

Great Pictures for Actors Don’t Come Free

Looking for free or cheap headshots will cost you more money and time in the long run.

Cheap or inexpensive headshots will usually turn out bad. Therefore you will have to spend more money to get the right acting headshots. Now you have spent twice as much as you originally intended. This process could have taken 6 months before you realized your acting headshots were bad and not working for you.

What could you have been booking during that time frame had you already paid for good acting headshots?

Get Actor Headshots Near Me in Los Angeles

When searching “where to get headshots near me” you may run across a few acting headshot photographers.

But how do you spot a professional? How do you know which one to pick? We have broken down some key points for you to consider where to get headshots taken.

  • Look for an acting headshot photographer that has a good amount of acting headshots in their headshot portfolio. You do not want to see 8 or 10 actor headshots total. This usually means the acting headshots photographer near you is new and not experienced.
  • The world is full of different faces, body types and skin tones. Likewise you want to see that the acting headshots photographer near you has a good variety of people in their actor headshots. Not just one type of person or ethnicity. If so, the acting headshots photographer will not know how to light different skin tones properly which will lead to bad acting headshots.
  • Reviews are another great source of information for actors. See if you can find reviews for good actor headshot photographers near you. You can get an idea of what past clients have said by going through the reviews. This will tell you whether or not you’re making the right choice.
  • Make sure all the actor headshots you see are nicely lit. You do not want them to be too contrasty or too over blown. Again this indicates the photographer is not experienced capturing good acting headshots near you.

Top Quality Acting Headshots Near Me: Your Budget

Good actor headshots near you will vary. We don’t like to say you have to pay the most expensive headshot photographer but remember that cheap headshots may not be the best option either.

As everyones budget is different there is not one affordable headshots photographer for everyone. So you have to base your decision on the quality of their acting headshots, their reviews and if you think overall they are the best decision for you.

When searching for “headshots near me” we offer actor headshot services in the following states:

  • Headshots in Oregon
  • Actor headshots in Washington
  • Acting headshots in Nevada
  • Professional actor headshots in Arizona
  • Headshots for acting in New Mexico
  • Actor headshots in Texas
  • Head shots in Oklahoma
  • Acting headshots in Colorado
  • Headshots in Kansas
  • Top headshots in Louisiana
  • Top actor headshots in Illinois
  • Actor headshot photography in Georgia
  • Acting headshots in Tennessee
  • Good acting headshots in Florida
  • Head shots for actors in Ohio
  • Quality actor headshots in Washington D.C.
  • Headshots for actors in Pennsylvania
  • Professional actor headshots in New York.
  • Acting headshots in Hawaii.

So if you can’t find good actor headshots in your city, reach out! We may already be in your city or planning to be there.

Professional Headshots Near Me for Acting in LA

You now have a better idea of the what type of acting headshots should be present in the photographers website. Likewise you have learned why acting headshots have certain criteria that need to be met in order to capture the best actor headshots.

As you search for Headshots Near Me, and want to work with one of the best acting headshot photographers, consider Sergio Garcia Headshots.Β 

Feel free to send us an email with any actor headshot questions, to see if we plan to be in your city soon or to book your acting headshot session.

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