Upgrade To Creative Business Portraits

Some businesses want to break away from traditional corporate photos and instead capture creative business portraits.

But what is the difference?

We tend to see some of the same corporate photos with pharmaceutical photography and via law firm photographer. The images are typical to those industries with nothing interesting about them.

In other words, they start to look the same from one company to the next. Nothing really stands out in terms of interesting headshots.

For example, those drab law firm photos against a wall with a serious expression.

Creative Professional Headshots

There isn’t anything wrong with wanting your business profile photoshoot to be what’s expected. 

But what if that’s not you? What if you want to capture more creative company headshots? The way we like to think about it is, you want to stand out. Whether that be from every other law firm, real estate agent, or business owner.

This is where a professional portrait photographers comes into play who can offer cool headshot ideas.

Artist Headshots

When planning your editorial portraits or corporate team photography, you can make them more interesting and unique.

Some simple ways a to do this could be:

  1. Use a bold color as a background. You are allowed to get away from the mundane background options of white or black. Choose something that has more of a pop!
  2. The lighting can be a bit more edgy. This would require the professional photographer to know their lighting. But the lighting doesn’t always to be flat and soft. Maybe your law firm wants photos with more of a contrast and deep shadows. Think Mad Men. You want the creative portraits to be more stylized with the lighting.
  3. Take advantage of environmental shots. Environmental shots are creative business portraits that are shot in a setting or area. Not against a blank background. These can range from your office, your factory, court yard of your building, or lounge area.

These types of portraits are truly unique because people are seeing inside your world. This will provide you some of the best headshots in Los Angeles!

This is what makes creative portrait photography very distinguishable. Not everyone has the factory you have or the lounging areas in your building.

We say take of advantage of that and make these creative business portraits truly unique.

Photography Services Los Angeles

As a Los Angeles entertainment photographer, we can provide interesting lighting ideas or cool portrait ideas that fit your preference. Once you reach out, we can ask the necessary questions so we can deliver creative company headshots.

For example, if you’re a chef, instead of a portrait of you on a white seamless background, why not shoot it at your restaurant. Surrounded by your creations with certain tools in hand. 

Notice how this translates to awesome headshots or a more creative team pages?

Ad Agency Headshots

We think great team pages are the ones that show personality. More than likely, we can get what you’re selling or offering somewhere else. Customers want to connect with you and your message on a more personal basis.

This could be done with your creative business photos.

Have additional questions to marketing headshots? Want to discuss how we can make your team photos stand out? You can reach out to us with any of your questions.

We are here to help you capture the best company headshots we can.

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