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Headshots play an important role as that’s one of the first images people see of you online. Whether you’re looking for actor headshot photos or corporate headshots we want to help.

By providing an easy, laid-back atmosphere, we believe this leads us to capture some of the best headshots in Los Angeles.

Headshots Los Angeles

When hiring a photographer for your professional headshots in Los Angeles, take notes of the following:

  1. Firstly, do they show examples of headshots done in a photo studio and on-location? You want to hire a professional photographer who has done both types of headshots. Some corporate headshots in Los Angeles are wanted in both a studio setting and on location. 
  2. Secondly, is there a variety in the posing? You want a professional photographer who can guide you with good actor poses for headshots and provide creative poses for group photos. You don’t want to show up to your Los Angeles headshots and have to pose yourself!

When looking for great headshots in Los Angeles you want the photographers portfolio to show these two things.

Los Angeles Headshot Photographers 

Depending on whether you’re getting actor headshots or corporate headshots, the poses will vary. We certainly understand that most individuals are not comfortable in front of the camera. Therefore we try and help by providing some of our favorite poses.

Examples of good headshot poses for men and women are listed below.

Photo Poses For Men

  • Both hands in the pant pockets provide a relaxed pose. If you are leaning against a wall and cross at the ankles of your feet, this adds to the whole relaxed energy.
  • If you wear a jacket or blazer, grabbing on to the jacket as if you’re pulling it in. This is one of our favorite stylish photo poses for men
  • Some of the best photo poses for guys are those that are most natural. These include you leaning against a wall arms crossed. Leaning over a rail. Sitting on a bench or chair. Buttoning your jacket and playing with your wrist cuff.

photo poses for women

  • A simple hand on the hip will do wonders when it comes to photo poses for women. Depending on your wardrobe, we may be able to do two hands on the hip. If you extend one leg further out, it will give the pose a bit more drama. 
  • When standing, a professional business pose would be doing a third position with your feet. This creates clean lines with the body and will give the impression of professionalism.
  • Some other casual photo poses for women are your thumb on your belt loop or in your pocket. This gives off a very approachable and friendly vibe. To clarify, make sure you do not bend your wrist too much. This will make your wrist look broken in the photos.

Headshot poses for actors

When it comes to how to prepare for actor headshots, posing is always a question. After all, actors are not looking for modeling headshots.

We typically don’t see actors hands or feet in their commercial headshots or theatrical headshots. However, there is still some posing involved to capture good actor headshots. 

  • If standing, we sometimes like actors to put both hands in their back pockets. This opens up the shoulders and chest a bit more. But this depends on the type of look we are going for. This tends to work best for theatrical headshots and male headshots.
  • One of our favorite actor headshot poses for women is what we call “holding the bread”. Odd name, but great results. This is where you tuck both elbows into your sides and extend your arms in of you with your palms facing up. Imagine you are holding a loaf of bread in between both arms. What this does is pull in the shoulders a bit, which leads to a smaller looking figure on camera. 

Los Angeles Head shots 

We offer a variety of headshots in Los Angeles, ranging from:

Feel free to reach out to us regarding corporate headshot prices, actor headshots or other questions.

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