3 Reasons You Need Realtor Lifestyle Photos

Everyone is used to the typical realtor photos. You know the ones of you in in a suit and a white background behind you with your arms crossed. Sound familiar?

Because of this lack of originality, everyone starts looking the same. Clients start to ask themselves “you can sell my house, but so can the other guy”.

What’s the difference?

How To Take Realtor Photos

When you hire a professional photographer for realtor lifestyle photos, you want to see a variety of variety of images.

For example, you want to see that they have photographed both men and women. You want to see realtor photos in different settings and poses. You want to see them laughing, moving, and caught in action.

Some of the worst realtor photos are the ones of the realtor just blankly staring at the camera. Even though you’re not a model, you want to feel confident and relaxed in your realtor photos.

You don’t want to be the agent with bad realtor photos. 

Realtor Lifestyle Photos

As a realtor in the age of social media, you want to think outside the box. You want unique realtor professional photos that show you off as an individual.

Not just another realtor who sells homes.

How many of those are already out there?

3 Reasons You Need Realtor Lifestyle Photos

  1. Firstly, you don’t want to be just another realtor and get forgotten. When a prospect first sees your image and marketing material and it’s a face on a white background, what is new about that? You want to be the realtor looking into the future and innovating. A bland photo of you with arms crossed on a solid background is not innovating and forward thinking. You want to stand out with realtor lifestyle photos that pop!
  2. Secondly, prospects get to see you in a new light. In other words, they get to see a different side of you. They are able to make a more personal connection with you based on your lifestyle photos. 
  3. Thirdly, and to further expand on the second point. You want to show a more personal side of you in your lifestyle photo shoot. We encourage agents to shoot one of their lifestyle looks to reflect a more laid-back energy. Some interesting realtor photo ideas to think about are:
    1. What is it that you do as a hobby? Maybe you like to paint. Lets take some lifestyle photos of you painting or in your studio.
    2. Maybe you foster dogs. Lets take adorable photos of you with your foster pups. Maybe you enjoy baking? Therefore we can capture some action shots of you in the kitchen. 

How To Pose For Photos

We understand you’re not a model. And you probably hate being in front of the camera. However, you don’t have to worry about how to pose for a photo alone.

Sergio Garcia Headshots is a professional photographer in Los Angeles. With over a decade of experience guiding models, actors and everyday business owners on how to pose for a professional photo shoot.

Corporate Headshots Los Angeles

We provide professional headshots for men and women. We also provide corporate headshots and realtor lifestyle photos in Los Angeles. Are you a realtor in LA? Are you looking to take your photos to a new level?

You are welcome to reach out if you have more questions about realtor lifestyle photos or corporate headshot photography.

We are thrilled to try and help you on this new journey!

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