Searching for examples of professional headshots for black kids, men or women? Whether you’re looking for actor headshots or a professional headshot for business, our headshot studio has you covered.

Our professional headshot studio has over 14 years of experience working with children, men and women of all backgrounds, ages and experience levels. As an acting headshot photographer, our goal is to tailor our service for each client in order to capture the best actor headshots of you.

So what exactly makes the best black actor headshots?

We will be covering everything you need to know about capturing the best black actor or professional headshots. From what to bring, hair tips, make up do’s and don’ts, grooming for men and what to look for when selecting your actor headshot photographer.


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Sergio and his team capture vivid black actor headshots for children, men and women throughout the county. 

His beautiful use of light paired with his easy personality, make him a go-to for both actors and business professionals needing a photographer that can accurately work with darker skin tones.

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Black Child Actor Headshots Do’s and Don’ts

When looking for a black kids headshot photographer, their actor headshots should meet the following criteria.

Crisp Actor Headshots

  • Firstly, are the child actor headshots crisp and detailed? Meaning they should not be blurry. Especially around the eyes. That is the entire selling point with kid headshots.

Headshot Lighting For Dark Skin

  • Secondly, is the headshot lighting flattering? When working with black actors (kids, male and female) you want the headshot lighting to be soft and evenly spread out. This creates a beautiful even skin tone that makes the black actor headshots pop.

Best Colors For Kids Headshots

  • Thirdly, what is the black child actor wearing? You want to see fun, vibrant colors that show off their youthfulness. If they are wearing white or black, these colors typically don’t work well in black kids headshots.

Looking for these details will help make sure that you book the correct black kids headshots photographer. Otherwise their lighting or direction of clothing will be off and you will end up with bad actor headshots.


Why Shoot With Us?

There is a right and wrong way of lighting different skin tones.

A professional headshot photographer like Sergio Garcia and his team understand where to position the light and how to diffuse it accordingly. This is one of the key points that set us apart.


A Fun Experience

Sergio has a way of getting an emotion out of individuals and this is apparent in his professional headshots.

Time and time again clients return to him and his team due to the great and friendly experience pre, during and after the shoot. 


Don’t Waste Time

There is always going to be a cheaper option no matter what business you are in.

The key to your success is hitting the ground running. When you book with a lower-end photographer that does not understand how to light and direct you, the photographs will reflect that.

This will derail your momentum and more than likely you will have to hire someone else to capture the correct photos.

Why not get it right the first time?


Professional Quality 

Sergio’s headshots have caught the attention of managers, agents  and casting directors.

If you are a serious actor and want to get it right the first time, a Sergio Garcia Headshot is the one you need.

Likewise, business professionals and CEO’s trust Sergio to capture modern and inviting headshots for their profiles, P.R. and websites.


Examples Of Black Actor Headshots

Headshot Guidelines For Black Actors

Quality black actor headshots are taken by a professional headshot photographer who is familiar with what makes the best headshots. Below we list what to look for when viewing examples of black woman and male headshots.

Correct Framing For Actor Headshots

  • The majority of the frame is taken up with the actors face. You may see the actor headshot cropped at the chest level, which is fine. Anything lower than that and you start to lose attention on the actors face.

Head Position For An Effective Headshot

  • Small variations of where the actors head is positioned and how it is tilted are allowed. The best actor headshots for black men and women are those where the face is looking straight at the camera. By doing this casting directors and agents can see directly into both of your eyes.

Best Lighting For Actor Headshot

  • You never want to see actor headshots that are taken in direct sunlight. These instantly give off an amateur vibe and are not professional headshots that can be used by agents or for castings. So you want clean, even actor headshot lighting. This can be achieved by shooting your black actor headshots in a studio or from a professional headshot photographer that knows how to control and manipulate natural light with head shot equipment. 


Black Actress Headshots That Will Stand Out

Capturing a beautiful black woman headshot should be fun, easy and comfortable for the actress. A professional headshot photographer should guide you on what you need to wear. We have put together a list of what will make your actress headshots pop (or not).

Color Options For Women

  • Wear colors that are bright and bold. Colors like red, blues, yellows and greens will make your black girl headshots really stand out.
  • Stay away from picking a solid white or black color. White will cause you to look washed out and black will blend in too much with your skin tone or hair. If you absolutely must wear something white, make sure that you layer it with a bold bright color on top. This way you get a little hint of white (or black) but it is not the main focus. In our opinion, headshots of black women look more vibrant with colors that pop.

Hair And Make Up

  • Get your make up done by a professional artist. You need to hire a make up artist that understand working with darker skin tones. Otherwise you run the risk of your skin tone not matching or worse. You know it, and we know it, black female headshots can be great or bad depending on the make up done prior.
  • Since your hair may take some time to do, it is best to get it done the day before by your hair stylist. When you arrive to get your actor headshots, bring all required products with you to keep your hair looking vibrant. We love the way black actress headshots turn out when the natural hair is used!

These simple steps will make all headshots of black women look professional and give you the confidence when dealing with casting directors or talent agents.


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Professional Black Male Headshots for Acting 

Black male headshots are a fun and creative process when you are working with a quality actor headshot photographer. The list below will guide you on how to prepare for your actor headshot session in Los Angeles.

Grooming For Mens Headshots

  • If you decide to hire a professional groomer (hair and make up artist) you won’t have much to worry about as they will apply the right moisturizer, lip balm and under eye cream to take care of tired eyes and dry skin. If you choose to do this yourself, make sure that you moisturize your skin and apply chapstick to your lips. You want your skin to look hydrated and fresh.
  • Make sure that you clean up your beard or facial hair. You do not want any random hairs poking out. This includes stray hairs in your nose, your ears and on your eyebrows. So double check before leaving the house.

Best Colors For Male Headshots

  • When selecting what to wear for your actor headshot session, stay away from earth tone colors. Although these are beautiful, they can blend in too much with darker skin tones. Instead you should choose brighter and bolder colors that will make you stand out. For example you can choose shades of reds, blues and greens. If bold and bright colors are not your thing, try layering the bright color with a shade that is a bit darker. 

Improve your chances of capturing professional headshots of black males by following these steps. Always remember that a headshot photographer should guide you depending on what it is you are needing for your actor headshots.


Black Actor Headshots – Key Take Aways

As a professional black actor you now know what it takes to capture the best actor headshots. From what you should wear and bring, what your hair, make up and grooming needs to be like and what to stay away from.

Just remember the most important tips …

  • Black Female Actor Headshots – Make sure you hire a good MUA for your headshots. We suggest asking your photographer to send you a list of the make-up artists they have worked with so you can glance through their work. Sergio Garcia Headshots makes sure that his recommended artists know how to work with all skin tones.
  • Black Male Actor Headshots – Look presentable but still “you”. By this we mean to remember to clean up any wild hairs around your nose, ears and eyebrows. Don’t go too overboard, just keep in mind you want to look your best for your actor headshots. So whether you’re wanting a leading man look or want to portray one of the black tough guy actors, we are your photographer. 

Want to further maximize your knowledge on actor headshots? Read our headshot guide below.

A black actor headshot session should be fun and inviting. We strive to deliver quality headshots that will make you feel confident when going out for auditions.


Professional Headshots for Black Men & Women

Are you a black business professional looking for top quality headshots? We would love to work with you.

From capturing the best LinkedIn profile photo in studio or a bold professional business photo outdoors – our headshot studio is able to capture some of the best black professional headshots that make you feel confident and sexy.

Black Male Professional Headshots – Most men don’t like having their headshots taken, and that’s fine. We offer a laid-back atmosphere in our headshot studio that helps us capture great professional headshots while making you feel like a pro.

Professional Black Woman Headshot – From hair, make up and wardrobe stylist, we can bring in some of the best in the business to make you feel like a celebrity for your professional headshot session. We make your black woman professional headshot session be a fun and lively experience!

So whether you love the camera or are camera shy, we make the professional headshot session easy and pain free. We are a full service professional headshot studio ready to work with you.


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