Affordable Headshots in Los Angeles

We provide affordable headshots in Los Angeles and make the entire process a breeze. From guiding you on the best poses for headshots, to helping with your wardrobe.

Actor headshots and business photos are essential and you should not have to spend thousands of dollars on them!


Headshot Photo Shoot

We aim to provide some of the best headshots. So when you are looking for inexpensive headshots in Los Angeles, be mindful of the following:

  1. Make sure the headshot photographer has a good number of professional headshots in their portfolio. For example, if they only have 8 headshots to show, they may be too green. These types of free headshots in LA will only hurt you. They won’t be good headshots and you would have wasted your valuable time.
  2. You want the lighting to be cohesive and clean. In other words, you don’t want there to be too much shadow under the eyes, or chin. This creates a unflattering actor headshot. However, there may be times when this is done on purpose. It depends on the type of character or mood one is going for with their actor headshots. Even then it should be done in a manner that produces good headshots with flattering light.


Professional Acting Headshots

Keep in mind that even free headshots in Los Angeles have to look like professional headshots.

Casting directors and agents can instantly spot good headshots vs bad headshots. As a professional you know you have to take your acting career seriously. Your headshots are your calling cards.

We understand that price is always an issue.

However, we find it disheartening when we see an actor who rushed through their headshot process. They received awful free headshots in Los Angeles to “get by”.

So remember this, a bad free headshot is never better than saving money for a good headshot.


How To Take Your Own Headshots

If you find yourself in a pinch, and absolutely need to take your own iphone headshot, we recommend:

  1. Firstly, make sure your entire face is facing the light source. For example, you can be facing a window. You don’t want to be directly in the sunlight, stay shaded. However, make sure your entire face is facing the light source. This will ensure you have a clean even light across your face. Not nasty shadows.
  2. Secondly, hire a professional headshot photographer. Don’t think this iphone headshot will go unnoticed by casting directors. PEOPLE CAN TELL. Above all this makes you look as if you don’t take your profession seriously.


Great Headshots Los Angeles

Maybe you already have shot free headshots in LA. You thought they would get you by, but instead noticed they hindered your acting career. No call backs. No agents. Nada!

You are now ready for the next step.

Our affordable headshot packages offer unlimited outfit changes. Yes, unlimited! Change into as many outfits as time allows. You also receive ALL the photos from our session together in hi-resolution. 

Reach out to us for headshot prices or any questions you need answered. We are here to help.


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