Tips for Mens Professional Headshots

tips to capture professional mens headshots

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Mens Professional Headshot Tips

Men’s professional headshots are an essential marketing tool for any business or corporate professional. Whether you’re hoping to land that job interview, attract the right client or show a certain personality.

You’ll easily be able to capture one-of-a-kind and authentic images by hiring a professional headshot photographer who captures creative business portraits.

With years of experience we have helped hundreds of men capture their best professional headshots, yet one of the most repeated questions asked is “how to dress for professional headshots?”.

Below you will find our recommendations and advice on what makes a great male professional headshot so that you have a more stress-free and fun experience planning your professional headshots.

View real business professional headshots.

Top 4 Professional Business Portrait Tips for Men To Look Confident

What’s the best mens attire for professional headshots? 

Having to decide what to wear for your professional headshots is definitely a major question. It can very easily make you look like an authority or cheap especially in industries that require personal branding. Like consulting and media.

Follow our 4 tips for mens professional headshots to get the best results. 

Number 1: Color

Stick to solid colors. Avoid any busy patterns or graphics on your clothing.

Number 2: What to Wear

Include a jacket or blazer. Whether you’re wearing a t-shirt or button-up, this will elevate your style.

Number 3: Shave & Trim

Check your eyebrows, ears and facial hair to make sure it’s all tidy and trimmed. 

Number 4: Relax and Have Fun

Don’t overthink your movements or poses too hard. We want to capture an authentic smile from you. Not a stressed out expression.


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What Our Male Headshot Clients Are Saying

After doing doing some research I was immediately impressed with his work and i knew i HAD to work with him. Not only was he extremely professional but it was also a very fun environment as well. I was incredibly satisfied with the work he did. Anyone looking for headshots or just overall photography done, this is your guy!

Hector Negrete
Hector Negrete

Highly recommend! Very talented, fun and awesome experience! His work speaks for itself. I would give him 10 stars if i could!

Laz Lopez
Laz Lopez

Mens Professional Headshots for Business

Let’s go over these 4 tips on professional male headshots so you better understand what to look for and help you capture great results.

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Number 1: Skin, Shaving & Trimming 

Your business headshots will make a first impression and you want it to be great. It’s vital that you to look your best.

This means keeping everything neat and clean.

From your eyebrows, facial hair, ears and your haircut being recent (about a week before your photoshoot).

Things to keep an eye on:

  • Distracting eyebrow hairs
  • Ear hair that needs to be trimmed
  • Mustache hair over your lips
  • Wild facial hair
  • An overdue hair cut
  • Moisturize your face and remember to apply chapstick

Number 2: Color Choices

Headshots of men should capture and present a polished appearance that highlights your best features. The colors you choose to wear need to compliment your skin tone and make you look your best.

What Are The Best Colors for Mens Professional Headshots?

• Black is a popular choice for its timeless quality while conveying power and authority. Men also enjoy wearing black for its slimming effect in their professional headshots.

• Earth tones are great if you’re wanting your business casual headshots. Colors like beige, olive green and brown convey a sense of warmth and approachability. 

• Blue is typically a universally flattering color. It helps you appear approachable and trustworthy. 

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Number 3: Wardrobe and Clothing

Your business photos need to present you in a polished and professional manner. When it comes to clothing for mens headshots, you have a few options to accomplish that.

What to wear for professional headshots?

• Well fitted collared shirt like a polo shirt or button-down. Make sure it is ironed and wrinkle free.

•If you want a professional appearance, opt for either a dress shirt or a full suit and tie as this will make you look more credible. It’s important that the suit is well-fitted, not baggy. Choose a tie that compliments the suit and shirt.

• A business casual appearance can be achieved by using a jacket, like a blazer or sports coat. 

• Men working in the tech or creative space may opt for a sweater or cardigan. It will read casual but still professional. Again, stick with solid colors and not busy patterns or graphics. 


Number 4: Don’t Over Complicate It

You’re booking your photographer for your business headshots because you liked their work.

Therefore, trust them during the process. 

The day of your photoshoot you want to feel confident, calm and generally enjoy the overall process.

Consider doing the following:

  • Have all your clothes planned out the night before your photoshoot
  • Get ample amount of rest
  • Don’t drink alcohol the night before
  • Have a plan but know things will organically evolve during your photoshoot 
  • Relax 
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• I’m now living in Los Angeles and miss Tex-Mex and can no longer handle snow.

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• Always been an artist and creative. From my earlier days of playing the cello, sculpting and painting. I’m now lucky enough to call photography my full time career for over 14 years.

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• The glass is always half full.

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FAQ’s: Mens Professional Headshots

What is a men's professional headshot?

Professional headshots for men serve a variety of purposes. They can be used as a LinkedIn profile photo, or as a lifestyle image for marketing and promotional materials.

Your business headshot is the first impression potential clients, recruiters, and colleagues will have of you online. Therefore, having a polished and professional men’s business headshot is crucial to convey competence and expertise in your field.

Investing in a professional headshot demonstrates your commitment to your career and personal brand, setting you apart from competitors and enhancing your overall professional image.


How should I pose for my men's professional headshot?

When taking a men’s business headshot, it’s essential to focus on your face, as it’s the main focal point. Ensure that you face forward, directly towards the camera, to create a strong and engaging image.

Correct posture is crucial for creating a confident and approachable appearance. Stand tall with your shoulders back, as this will improve your overall posture and help you project confidence in the photo.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to experiment with different expressions to convey your personality and brand. Try out different expressions like a smile, a smirk or a serious look to see what works best for you. A variety of expressions can give your headshot more depth and character, making it stand out from the crowd.


What are some tips for looking confident and approachable in my men's professional headshot?

Looking confident in your headshot is all about feeling confident. To achieve this, ensure your clothing fits well – not too loose or tight – and make sure your grooming is up to par. A recent haircut, well-maintained facial hair, and bright white teeth can make all the difference in projecting a polished and professional appearance.

To appear approachable in your headshot, it’s important to have a genuine smile. Practice your laughter beforehand to ensure you can bring it out naturally during your photoshoot. This can help you project a warm and friendly demeanor, making you more relatable and engaging to potential clients or employers.


Can I use a casual photo for my men's professional headshot?

When it comes to your professional men’s headshot, you don’t necessarily have to adhere to a formal dress code, such as a suit and tie. In fact, a more casual approach can still convey professionalism and approachability.

A friendly facial expression, such as a smile, paired with a polished polo and blazer from UNTUCKit can create a balanced and professional look that’s still relaxed and inviting. This combination can help you appear both competent and approachable, making you more attractive to potential clients or employers.

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