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LinkedIn Headshots: Perfecting Your Professional Image

Discover our gallery of LinkedIn headshots, specifically tailored for Los Angeles and SoCal professionals. Each portrait is a blend of artistry and professionalism, designed to enhance your LinkedIn profile and elevate your online presence in Southern California’s dynamic business landscape.

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What Photo Should I Use for LinkedIn?

A professional LinkedIn profile picture needs to be high quality and capture you in a professional manner with a simple background that keeps the attention on you.

LinkedIn headshots should:

  1. Be a close up of your face to make it easy for recruiters and colleagues to recognize you
  2. Show you wearing professional attire that is appropriate for your line of work (like a formal blouse for women and button up and blazer for men)
  3. Uncluttered headshot background to avoid any distractions
  4. High quality image that conveys you as a serious professional and authority in your field
  5. Smile: Be warm and inviting and avoid frowning or looking too serious

Your LinkedIn profile picture will create one of two impressions:

  1. This individual looks confident, trustworthy and professional
  2. Let’s move on.

Which one are you?

How Will Linkedin Headshots Help Me?

Capturing the best linkedin headshots of yourself will help you achieve the following:

Automatic Connection

  • LinkedIn profiles lacking a photo make you look suspicious. Build a connection with colleagues and employers by having a professional and inviting LinkedIn headshot.

Increased Views

  • LinkedIn members who have a profile photo receive up to 21x more profile views compared to those who do not. Use a photo that aligns with your profession, but keep it warm.

Beyond LinkedIn

  • The photos we capture together will have the added benefit of serving you outside of LinkedIn as well. For example, they will be great on your website, business cards and other social platforms.

Who Needs LinkedIn Headshots?

A strong digital presence is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Leveraging a LinkedIn photo service can help transform your profile from overlooked to overbooked, but who really needs LinkedIn headshots? Let’s find out.

  1. Business professionals who created a new LinkedIn profile and lack a professional photo. Don’t leave your LinkedIn profile with an empty photo.
  2. Job-seekers looking to stand out from their competition and have a strong LinkedIn headshot before reaching out to eomployers.
  3. Professionals who are using a low-quality business photo and want to re-brand their online image to better capture their personality.
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Rated 4.9 out of 5

As a preferred linkedin photographer, Sergio is able to capture some of the best linkedin headshots for men and women. Paired with his extensive knowledge in lighting, creative approach and down-to-earth personality, clients trust us with their linkedin photo service needs.

Excellent photographer. Was able to get lots of pictures taken in multiple locations and outfits very efficiently. Sergio has a great eye for detail and made the experience very relaxing and enjoyable. Would highly recommend for any kind of of photo shoot!
Michael Bernard
Michael Bernard
Sergio is not only a photographer, but he is a magician! He made my Operations Manager and I look the most beautiful we have ever felt and is so easy to work with.
Kimberly Doner
Kimberly Doner
Sergio is fantastic! The shots were beyond what I had expected. Absolutely stunning work. Every step was easy and stress free. I would highly recommend Sergio to anyone looking for the perfect photographer. Absolutely incredible!
Kat Jones
Kat Jones

Benefits of LinkedIn Headshots for Business

Jobvite reports that 92% of recruiters are using social media everyday and LinkedIn is the top social media network they use. If you’re a professional seeking a new job, LinkedIn is the platform for you.

Benefits include:

  1. Branding yourself plays an important role when job searching. Signing up on LinkedIn allows you to do that by posting visuals of your accomplishments via SlideShare (which they own). Use it to establish yourself as a leading professional in your field, build trust and connect with others.
  2. Expanding your network by allowing you to search and find others in your field or adjacent fields.
  3. Apply directly for available jobs via their job board. Additionally, you can set up alerts to notify you of new openings that match your specific criteria.
  4. LinkedIn provides a range of webinars and courses. Allowing you to stay up to date on industry trends.

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for those job-seeking and network building professionals and hiring a LinkedIn photographer for quality pictures is key.

Do’s and Don’ts for LinkedIn Photos

Working with a professional LinkedIn headshot photographer in Los Angeles will make the experience fun and easy, leading to cool LinkedIn photos you’ll love. Below are headshot tips for men and women on capturing better LinkedIn photos.


  • Hire a professional for your LinkedIn headshot. The quality alone will put you in a different category compared to those who are using selfies.
  • Dress the part. Wear clothes that make you feel confident and that tie into your field, if possible. Look at leaders in your industry to get ideas on what to wear.
  • Play with your expressions. Your LinkedIn headshots should be authentic and natural. Not you terrified in front of the camera. Don’t take yourself too seriously and let loose a little. You want to have a good variety of options when reviewing your LinkedIn pictures.


  • Wear clothes that have distracting patterns or graphics. The focus should be on your face.
  • Take your LinkedIn headshots yourself. The quality of professional cameras and the professional lighting used by photographers make a difference.
  • Avoid being too serious looking. Warm and inviting is key.

Professional LinkedIn headshot photographers in Los Angeles, like Sergio Garcia, make sure you look your best and feel comfortable along the way. This ensures that we are able to capture some of the best linkedin headshots for your needs.

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Capture Creative LinkedIn Photos

As you plan your LinkedIn headshots, it may benefit you to capture creative LinkedIn headshots that are more niche to your industry or profession.

Ideas for creative LinkedIn photos:

  • Authors may want to pose with their book or in front of a shelf.
  • Chefs know the ins and outs of a kitchen. Why not take your creative LinkedIn headshots in the same setting?
  • Pilots may opt to have their LinkedIn headshots taken in a hanger or even inside the cockpit of a smaller plane.
  • Interior designers would look great being photographed in a space they designed or using pieces from specific furniture in their LinkedIn headshots.

Creative LinkedIn photos like this can live outside of LinkedIn, like instagram or your website, maximizing your marketing and social media strategy. Discuss any thoughts or needs you may have with your LinkedIn photographer to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Choosing A LinkedIn Photographer

Need LinkedIn headshots in Los Angeles? Below we cover tips on what to look for in a photographers portfolio when choosing your LinkedIn picture photographer.

  1. Lighting: Keep an eye on their use on lighting in their photos. Is the lighting flattering for their subjects? Or does it make them look unflattering? Typically, soft even lighting is the best.
  2. Capability: Are they well rounded in the type of people and skin tones they photograph? Make sure to hire a photographer who can photograph your skin tone.
  3. Reviews: Do research on the photographer and see what past clients have said about them and their work.
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Examples of Male and Female LinkedIn Headshots

FAQS: LinkedIn Headshots

  • What’s The Best Pose for LinkedIn Photo?

Your face and torso should be facing straight on towards the camera for your LinkedIn headshot. This will keep your entire face showing and make you look more open and inviting. Experiment with rotating your face to the left and right, while still looking at the camera, for added variety.

  • Best Light for Your LinkedIn Profile Headshot

Your photographer should use soft, even lighting. This type of lighting is flattering for both men and women as it provides soft shadows and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. As you look for LinkedIn headshots in Los Angeles, keep this in mind.

  • Proper LinkedIn Photo Dimensions

When uploading your headshot to LinkedIn, make sure it is 400×400. Larger files are also fine but 8mb is the max.

  • Why is having a professional LinkedIn profile picture important?

Your online image is important not only for your personal brand but also for recruiters looking to hire you (if you’re a job-seeking individual). Additionally, making a good first impression is important for business and net working.

  • What should I wear for my LinkedIn profile picture?

Men and women should stick to solid colors for their LinkedIn profile photo. Neutrals like black, grey, off-white and earth tones are great choices. Think about colors that look good with your skin-tone and eye color.  Avoid distracting graphics and patterns for your LinkedIn headshots. Lastly, a proper fit is important. Do not wear clothing that is too big on your or too tight.

  • Should my LinkedIn profile picture be in color or black and white?

We highly suggest your LinkedIn picture to be in color. A B&W LinkedIn photo will look outdated.

  • Should I have a plain background or a more interesting background for my LinkedIn profile picture?

We suggest your main LinkedIn headshot be up against a minimal uncluttered background so that the attention stays on you. However, experiment with different options! There is nothing wrong with trying something out and using those images for something else (like your website or social media).

  • How do I choose a photographer for my LinkedIn profile picture?

Look for a LinkedIn headshot photographer who has a portfolio of work that shows they are capable of working with both men, women or non-binary individuals. Keep an eye on their use of lighting. Does their lighting:

  1. Make their subject look pleasant, or
  2. Cast hard or unwanted shadows?
  • Can I use a selfie for my LinkedIn profile picture?

Nothing is stopping you from using a selfie for your LinkedIn photo. However, keep in mind this says a lot about your personal brand and studies show that having a professional photo on your LinkedIn increase chances of getting hired by up to 14 times.

  • How often should I update my LinkedIn profile picture?

We believe that everyone should up date their photos at least once a year. If cost is an issue for you, we recommend updating your photos when something drastic happens to your appearance. For example, weight loss, hair color, etc.

  • Should I smile or have a more serious expression in my LinkedIn profile picture?

You should have an inviting and warm expression in your LinkedIn photo.

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Meet Your LinkedIn Headshot Photographer

Hi, there!

Sergio here – I hope you have found this in-depth article on LinkedIn headshots useful and maybe even learned a thing or two.

Below are some quick facts about me:

  • Libra is my sign
  • Always mesmerized by beautiful light out in real life
  • 4:45am is my wake up time
  • The glass is always half full
  • 100% creative
  • Olive green and yellow are my favorite colors
  • Any type of pizza I will eat, although I prefer thin crust
  • Math? Not my thing
  • Directionally challenged
  • Being on time is important to me
  • Spent years living in Texas (L.A. is now home)
  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is my current favorite

Contact Us for Your LinkedIn Headshots

As a photographer specializing in LinkedIn headshots in Los Angeles, I pride myself on my ability to capture the perfect shot for each of my clients. With the ability to use professional lighting creatively, I’ll highlight your best features and make you look your very best. However, my expertise doesn’t stop there.

I also strive to make my clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, and I even make it fun. A great photo is more than just a good pose, and that’s why I coach you on how to pose and make sure that your personality shines through. With 14 years of experience, I understand the importance of having a professional headshot for LinkedIn.

In fact, did you know that having a professional headshot on your profile can increase your chances of getting hired by up to 14 times? Let me help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile with a stunning headshot that truly represents you.

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