We Capture Toddler Headshots in LA

Best kids headshots are a must for any parent looking at an acting or modeling career in Los Angeles.

Sergio Garcia is a child model photographer who capture some of the best kids headshots showing off your toddlers personality.

When you are searching for a headshot photographer for kids, toddlers or teens, you need to make sure their work is up to par with industry standards. Meaning that the child photographer knows what both managers and agents are expecting from the photoshoot.

For example, the kids headshots need to be:

  • in good focus, not blurry
  • the child actor should have a believable expression on them
  • the lighting is professional and even

Remember that you’re paying for top quality child portrait photography and the toddler headshots should reflect that.

We Provide Top Child Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

Sergio and his team capture some of the best toddler headshots and child modeling photos in Los Angeles.

From Pasadena, Glendale and Santa Monica, we work with parents who want to get their children into modeling or acting.

Below are the various neighborhoods we work in throughout LA County.


  • Pasadena
  • Glendale
  • Hollywood
  • Brentwood
  • Bel Air
  • Santa Monica
  • Malibu
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Venice
  • Calabasas
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Palos Verdes
  • Long Beach
  • Torrance

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Toddler Photoshoot in Los Angeles for Acting and Modeling

Whether you need modeling photos or child actor headshots, the following tips should be kept in mind. This is important as not every photographer may know this. So as an informed parent, you will know what to look for so you can get the best kids headshots.

If you hire a professional kids headshot photographer like Sergio Garcia Headshots, he will further help you when planning your child’s headshot in order to maximize the chances of capturing some of the best kids headshots.

Tips from A Child Model Photographer

  1. Keep it simple. You want to avoid too many distractions on the clothes. For example, the fewer buttons, frills, patterns or logos, the better.
  2. Hair and make up should be kept age appropriate. You want your kids youth to shine through. Don’t over do it with make up and hair! These are not meant to be pageant photos. When searching for kid portraits near me in LA, make sure the photographers work is clean and simple.
  3. Avoid unnecessary props. In other words, we don’t need hats, or crazy bows for your kids headshots. It’s all about simplicity. Adding too many props takes away from them and in turn doesn’t provide for best kids headshots.
  4. Young children will be especially happy if they are wearing clothes THEY like. So make sure to plan in advance what they would like to wear. Nothing is worse than a sad face because they aren’t loving their outfit.
  5. Parents, let your child loosen up! We understand that we need to capture good child headshots. But this is not possible when stage parents are on set over directing. Let the photographer take control and trust that this will allow them to capture some of the best kids headshots. We can’t capture child portrait photography that is top notch if you don’t allow the creative process to happen.

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As you search for a top modeling photographer for children in Los Angeles, keep Sergio top of mind. His laid back, easy going personality makes it great when working with children and toddlers.

Sergio has experience working with various modeling and talent agencies throughout the United States and understands what is needed in a toddler modeling portfolio. 


We Deliver Quality

As your toddler starts their career in acting or modeling, you want to get it right the first time.

Sergio has been photographing modeling and acting portfolios since 2009 and understand what agents and casting directors like to see.

We Make It Fun

Although capturing great toddler headshots and modeling photos is the priority, we still make the shoot fun!

You don’t want to be serious when working with children and teens as it makes them shut down. This does not lead to great child headshots.

Examples Of Teen, Child and Toddler Headshots

Best Time To Shoot Toddler Headshots

Capturing toddler headshots can be a workout!

With their short attention span, they tend to get distracted and warn out easily.

This is why we try to maximize our time and be as efficient as possible when working with toddlers.

When capturing toddler modeling headshots, we like to have little stuffed animals we can catch the kids attention with.

The parents are also free to bring any favorite toys that could be used to get them to look at the camera therefore leading to better child portrait photography.

Child Photographers in SoCal

Our baby headshots session tend to be fast since we have a limited window before the toddler tires out.

Parents want to make sure that they do not interrupt the toddlers/babies sleeping schedule when booking their headshot session.

This can cause the baby to become moody and not cooperate during the headshot session. Which doesn’t help when you want to capture best kids headshots.

That is why we advise that you book your babies headshot session 1-2 hours before our after their naps time.

The aim is for our children photography session to be easy and natural. Not rushed and anxious as this can be a disaster and will keep us from capturing some of the best kids headshots of your little one.

How To Capture The Best Child Headshots

In general, we think the best child headshot sessions are those where the kid can play.

We like to let them express themselves or do goofy faces. This can include capturing full body headshots since everything is happening so fast.

Working with kids, we have to let them have more freedom than adults so that they don’t get too serious or scared to act.

Sometimes we may have them act out a certain idea or play a certain character.

Those “in between” shots are the golden nuggets and always produce best kids headshots.

Rates for A Child Model Photographer in LA

Our going rate for headshots is competitive to other actor headshot photographers.

Most importantly, we allow the child actor to change outfits as many times as possible within our allotted time.

That means more child headshots that offer variety!

Los Angeles Child Photography Near Me

Need to capture child model portfolios? Or searching for kids photographer near me in SoCal?

Sergio has worked with numerous kids modeling agency and understands the types of photos that are needed to start their little modeling career.

With over 14 years of experience, Sergio is your go-to kids photographer for youth child modeling in Southern California.

Top Los Angeles Kids Photographer

When shooting kids headshots we offer outdoor headshots or in studio.

Depending on the look we are going for, we can plan this out during our initial planning phases for your headshots teens.

We always strive for a studio session as it helps us control the lighting better and we don’t have to deal with the elements.

This is crucial when capturing the best kids headshots as we don’t have to worry about the little ones squinting or for example the wind can cause havoc on hair and the heat can cause the child to start sweating.

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Get in touch if you are needing kids actor headshots in LA.

Whether you need kids headshots or child model portfolios, we deliver quality results for parents considering a career in acting or modeling for their toddler or teen.

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