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Are you tired of your stale and boring business headshots? Desire something more fresh, current and modern?

When searching for business headshots near me, Sergio Garcia Headshots is one of the top-rated professional business headshots photographers with a creative eye to business portraits.

He and his team have been capturing fun professional headshots since 2009 for corporate, business, T.V. personalities and celebrities. 

Whether you are a one person business, need office portraits of your growing team or are handling marketing for a Fortune 500 companies, SGH is your go-to photographer for business headshots.

When clients need quality head shot pictures, they book Sergio Garcia and his team.


Professional Business Photographer Near Me

Today we discuss everything you need to know about preparing for your corporate and business headshots.

Including the do’s and don’ts of business photos.

Great business headshots don’t just happen. The best business headshot photographers will tell you that both parties need to contribute equally during the photoshoot.

Whether you’re a male or female needing corporate commercial photos, Sergio’s business headshots studio provides the best business photos that will capture you in an energetic and fun manner.


Why Capture Professional Business Headshots?

A selfie you took on portrait mode against a white wall won’t portray you in a professional and high end manner.

The best professional headshots are captured by a photographer. Below we discuss the top reasons you need professional business headshots.


Looks Matter

Whatever your business or career may be, a professional business portrait that is well planned and photographed will instantly make you look more elevated and knowing to your potential clients.

It is common to see professional business headshots leading to a greater ROI for your business.


Tell Your Story

Professional business headshots don’t have to capture only your face.

Sergio and his team are also skilled at capturing lifestyle business portraits for clients who want to capture more personality driven business pictures.

These types of business photos are great to further propel your story and your business.


Utilize Elsewhere 

A professional business portrait works great for your website or LinkedIn profile.

But when you hire Sergio Garcia and his team for your professional corporate headshots, you will get a much greater selection of photos.

From full length or waist and up images, you will be able to use them across various marketing materials.

Not just a website.


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From California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and New York, Sergio Garcia Headshots and his team of top professional profile photographer help men and women capture the best business portraits.

His laid-back personality, technical acumen, direction and experience working with models and celebrities have led Sergio to become one of the most sought-after photographers for modern and high-end business profile photography.

We are ready to capture your business portraits in the following cities: 



  • San Francisco

When looking for the best headshots in San Francisco, make sure they are crisp, clear and have good lighting.

Professional headshots in San Francisco won’t be blurry or too white or dark due to poor use of lighting.

Our executive headshots in San Francisco are for men and women who want modern professional headshots.

Contact us when looking for business headshots in SF.

We have captured professional headshots in San Diego for law firms, designers, and entrepreneurs.

If you want your business photography in San Diego to be creative and upscale, we are the ones for it.




  • Seattle


  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Austin

Corporate headshots in Austin can be photographed throughout the city.

Favorite locations for professional headshots in Austin include the Texas Capitol or alongside the new glossy high-rises in downtown off W Cesar Chavez St.

If you need corporate photographers in Austin, we are more than happy to go to your business location as our studio is mobile and portable!

  • Houston
  • San Antonio

Our corporate headshots in San Antonio are perfect for clients needing fresh updated headshots for their website or marketing.

When you email us about your professional headshots in San Antonio, include what type of business you do and if you would like to shoot outdoors or in a professional studio.




  • Chicago


  • Philadelphia


  • New York City
  • Brooklyn


  • Boston

How long have you been using the same professional headshots in Boston?

If longer than 2 years, you need updated professional photos in Boston.

We capture Boston creative headshots that are modern and stylized for men and women.

Additionally, we are able to capture the best headshots in Boston for business professionals who are camera shy.


Once on set, we will help you with professional poses and expression guidance so that you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

Contact us when looking for Boston portrait photographers for business.



  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Tampa

Need business headshots in Tampa?

Whether you’re a male or female needing corporate or business pictures, our studio delivers top Tampa professional headshots.

Send us an email with your project details when searching for professional photographers in Tampa.




  • Portland


  • Atlanta


  • Las Vegas


  • Nashville


  • Atlanta

Examples Of Business Headshots for Top Professionals


What Makes The Best Professional Business Headshots?

  1. The lighting in a professional business headshot should be consistent with what your company has been using. This requires a professional corporate photo shoot photographer that understand the technicality of lighting. As a general rule of thumb, your business headshots should have soft clean lighting. You don’t want crazy shadows on your face as it’s unflattering and makes you look unprofessional overall.
  2. What you wear for your professional business headshots says a lot about you. We always tell our business clients to wear clothes that fit with what their profession is. Remember there isn’t a right or wrong here. A law firm may decide on a more formal attire but that wouldn’t necessarily work for a music manager as they may want a more young professional headshot.
  3. Always make sure that your business headshots are sharp and in focus. It should go without saying, but we see professional business photos that lack sharpness in the eyes.

The Best Business Headshots Aren’t Free

Typically when you get free headshots, the photographer does not necessarily know what they are doing. This is why they are doing them for free.

A good headshot requires the photographer to handle and manipulate lighting so that your face and complexion is nice and even.

Amateurs  will place you out in direct sunlight resulting in more prominent pores and wrinkles.

Whether you decide to shoot your business headshots in a professional studio environment or outside on location, make sure the photographer knows how to light you accordingly.

Tip: Don’t Google “how to take good headshots with iPhone”.

If it rings, it is not a camera.

It’s time to get serious about your online presence and these types of iPhone headshots don’t have the quality you need for printing or websites.

Examples of Professional Portraits Near Me


We Capture Business Headshots For Rule Breakers

Sergio and his team have photographed business pictures for almost every type of need. 

Below is a short list of different professionals we have had the pleasure of working photographing their business headshots.

  • Headshots and lifestyle photos for realtors
  • Creative portraits for authors
  • Branding headshots for media personalities
  • Portraits for designers
  • Professional headshots for therapists
  • Team and group headshots for law firms
  • Business photos for annuals reports
  • Employee headshot
  • Lifestyle portraits for small Business Owners

Our business headshot studio has also been hired by top-tier companies to photograph their companies business pictures including:

Say No To Bad Corporate Headshots

Hiring a professional business and corporate photographer will lead to professional headshot lighting that will make your business and corporate photos upscale.

Similarly, the trained business headshot photographer will be able to handle and guide even the most camera shy CEO’s and capture their best executive headshots.

As you search for Professional Headshot Photographer Near Me, keep Sergio and his team in mind.

Did you know: According to Forbes, 82% of consumers trust a company more and 77% are more likely to purchase from the company if the founders use social media. So whether for your social profiles or company website, you need good headshots.


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What Should Males Wear for Professional Headshots?

Males want their business photos to come across strong and confident. You want to be the individual who is trustworthy and can handle a team or assignment.

The men business headshot tips below cover what to wear to your professional business photo shoot.

1: Iron or Dry Clean Your Wardrobe

A nice, dry-cleaned button-up will make you look like a million bucks!

Make sure it is dry-cleaned or ironed really good. Especially around the collar! Nothing looks worse on a professional business photo than a collar that is frumpy or not standing straight.

2: Don’t Wear All-White

If you plan to wear white, make sure to layer it with a darker jacket or blazer. Don’t plan to wear all white. When the photographer finishes setting up their professional lighting, the flashes will cause light to bounce off all the white you are wearing and make you look washed out and you don’t want to look like a ghost.

3: It’s Good to Show Personality

Add a little bit of personality to your wardrobe. Men would be completely fine throwing on a 15 year old button up and calling it a day, but try to look as if you were going out on a first date!

For example, add a nice tie that has a contrasting color. Or a color that compliments your eyes. You can go really wild and add a tie with an interesting pattern or graphic.

4: Your Skin, Lips & Hair (Really) Matter

Don’t forget to bring with you chapstick and moisturizer! Cracked, dry lips don’t look well for business pictures. And you want your skin to look healthy as well.

Depending on the length of your hair, don’t forgot your hair products and a comb. These little details will make your business photo headshot look that much better.

5: A Lint Roller is Your Life Saver

A lint roller is very important! Especially if you are wearing anything black or darker color in general. The flashes from the light will make the little pet hair or fuzzy particles very noticeable.

Sergio and his team understand that men’s attire for headshots can be daunting.

We provide assistance prior to the men’s professional headshot session so that you show up feeling confident in your wardrobe and so we capture casual headshots that work.


Examples of a Men Professional Headshot

Men typically hate having their business headshots taken.

Our professional headshot studio makes business portraits fun and relaxed.

Most importantly, we strive to capture men professional headshots that show you as confident, approachable and overall sophisticated.


What Should Females Wear for Professional Headshots?

Womens professional headshots should be inviting, approachable and confident.

Let’s break down how to achieve this for your female business portraits.

1: Pick Wardrobe That Is Tailored and Fitted

We recommend you stay away from tops or blouses that are too loose. For instance, blouses that have too big of openings or hang oddly.

These type of garments look amazing on you for a date. But when you’re getting your business woman professional photo it will make you appear larger than you are. 

If you feel uncomfortable wearing more fitted clothing, remember you can layer with a cute jacket or cardigan. Layering always adds a little more depth to the entire look.

Headshots are typically shot from chest and up. So make sure to avoid tops with low cut fronts. Otherwise we risk showing too much skin in your professional headshots.

2: Solid Colors Are The Best

This depends on factors like your hair, eye or skin color. But shades of red and blue tend to look great on camera. When you contact us about your business photos, it is helpful to get a photo of what you look like so we can better assist with wardrobe.

You can wear a jacket or blazer. However, always make sure it is more form fitting and not too big around the shoulders. We don’t want you to look like a football player.

If planning to wear something with graphics or patterns, usually larger patterns or graphics look best. Not small little details as they won’t read correctly on camera.

If you have darker longer hair, make sure the top article of clothing doesn’t match your hair color. Otherwise this will cause your hair to blend in with your clothing (for example, a dark blazer with your dark hair laying on it will cause your hair to blend in).

3: Keep An Eye On Undergarments

When planning what to wear for your professional headshot session, make sure that you can’t see your bra and straps through your outfit.

4: Minimal Hair & Make Up

Hair and make up is always a question that pops up. We suggest that you look done up, but still fresh and clean. Yes, we want to capture sexy business women photos. However, make sure you tell your make up artist not go too heavy handed with the make up.

If you don’t hire a professional hair and make up artist bring all the necessary items to take control of any oily skin, or frizzy and loose hair that may occur throughout the session. Remember it is better to fix those issues beforehand than trying to fix them after.

Planning to get your hair cut or colored? We recommend doing it a week beforehand as this is when the hair typically looks most natural after a cut/color.

Same applies with a blowout, do it the same day as your session.

5: Should You Wear Accessories?

When it comes to jewelry we agree less is more. You don’t want someone focusing on the jewelry. Your face is the center of attention.

Examples of Female Modern Professional Headshots

Tired of the same old thing when it comes to business pictures?

Our goal is to always capture female modern professional headshots.

From youthful poses, energetic expressions and professional finish.


Key Take-Aways for Business Headshots Near Me

We hope the guidelines above help both men and women looking for business headshots near me. 

If you follow these professional headshot tips, they should keep you from working with a photographer who doesn’t know what they are doing and capture bad headshot photos.

In conclusion, the headshot examples on the photographers website you are considering should be:

  • clear and in focus
  • has good even lighting (outdoor professional headshots require masterful control of lighting, stay away from too bright or squinty business headshots.)
  • the cropping is chest and up
  • the photoshop isn’t over done

From traditional business headshots or creative headshots we have you covered.


Creative Corporate Headshots Near Me

From business headshots in studio, on location or environmental portraits at your business, contact Sergio Garcia for your professional business headshots.

Sergio and his team look forward to working with you!


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