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Searching for an online dating photographer near me?

The best online dating profile photographer, like Sergio Garcia, are able to capture powerful dating photos of men that are both genuine and have a professional, non-cheesy quality to them.

Likewise, his skillset as a dating profile photographer include easy-to-follow posing techniques during the dating photo session that will make you look like a professional – therefore making your photography dating look stunning and captivating.

Maybe it’s cliché, but men really have one shot at making a first impression with a great man profile picture. Therefore, your online dating photos should be fun, creative and personable!


Top Online Dating Photographer for Men

Sergio is one of the most trusted and highly-rated online dating profile photographer across the nation for men who need a Tinder, Grindr, Match, eHarmony or Bumble photographer.

He and his team of professional online dating photographers work in the following locations:




  • Seattle


  • Phoenix


  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • San Antonio


  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Orlando


  • Chicago


  • New York City
  • Brooklyn


  • Philadelphia




  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Vail
  • Telluride


  • Portland

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Tired of Being Single? A Dating Photographer Can Help

Online dating is difficult no matter where you live.

For example, online dating in Dallas, Chicago, Miami and NYC is difficult as these cities have a reputation for being all about your looks.

Hiring an online dating photographer like Sergio Garcia Headshots who is creative and can guide you in front of the camera is one of the best decisions you can make if you want the best tinder photos. 

Similarly, working with a top online dating photographer that makes it easy, fun and guides you throughout the session will result in hot tinder pics being captured.

At the end of the day, men need these good tinder photos to get noticed.


Why Work With A Professional Online Dating Photographer?

Below we break down the top 3 reasons single men need to work with a professional photographer for your internet dating profile photos.


Improve Your Odds

From start-to-finish, we help you along the way with wardrobe, location ideas and posing throughout the shoot.

When you combine all this together, it leads to dating photographs that will dramatically increase your odds of finding a match.


Professional Quality

Professional dating photos will help you stand out from a sea of guys using their blurry selfies that are under-exposed.

In contrast, imagine your internet dating profile photos taken by a true professional.


Multi-use Images

Don’t stop with only dating. Our online dating photographers are exceptional in capturing dating photos that can double (or triple) in use.

From your professional website, LinkedIn or social media your dating photos can be used elsewhere.


Should I Get Professional Photos for Online Dating?

  1. Do you want to land more matches instead of getting looked over on dating apps?
  2. Are you wanting to show yourself in a polished way compared to the other guys?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then yes. You should hire a professional photographer for your online dating headshots.

Online dating is like anything else in life. It requires work and commitment.

If you put 50% into it, then expect 50% back.


Online Dating Photographers Near Me | Examples of Photos


Delete Your Bad Dating Site Photos

As you learn how to take photos for online dating, always remember that you want plenty of options when shooting dating photos.

As affordable online dating photographers we offer online dating photoshoots in a studio or outside on location in every major city including Seattle, Phoenix, DFW, Austin, Houston, Miami, Chicago, LA and NYC.

Below we talk about each option to better help you decide which one will be best for your dating photography photos.

Dating Photos In A Professional Studio

Taking pictures for Tinder in a professional photography studio provides us with better control of the lighting.

We can schedule your dating photo session anytime during the day. We will also have AC so you won’t get as sweaty or oily during your dating photoshoot.

The studio backgrounds can range from textured walls to a limited supply of colored background paper. Props the studio may include are bar stools, apple boxes, and couches.

Since our online dating photo studio is in a warehouse it also offers charming old windows and pillars that can be used for your dating headshots.

If you are more of a minimalist, we can also use simple white or black backdrops to capture some of the best dating profile photos in a studio setting.


Dating Photos Taken Outside

In our opinion, the best pictures for a dating site are captured when taking your online dating photos outside. 

Why? Because outside offers a great variety of backgrounds.

For example if we shoot at Palisades Park in Santa Monica, Klyde Warren Park in Dallas or Central Park in Manhattan, not only would we capture dating app photos of you in the park but also at the nearby cafes and storefronts.

This will provide you with more background choices as opposed to being in a studio.

Elevate Your Dating Pictures

Other locations for your dating app photos can include shopping areas, interesting alleys or distressed gritty backgrounds.

Maybe you’re doing online dating in Beverly Hills? Your dating photos can be shot around Rodeo Drive. This will give your online dating photos an upscale look that will look great on any Beverly Hills dating website.

What about Pike Place Market in Seattle, Chase Field in Phoenix or around the Old State House in Boston? Talk about unique!

Regardless where you decide to shoot your internet dating pictures, our professional online dating photographers will be able to provide a specific location that fits the dating look you are going for.


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Interesting Ideas for Hot Dating Photos For Men

You don’t need much in order to capture the best dating profile photos.

Below we provide wardrobe ideas for men on what to wear to their tinder photoshoot. Remember, you can be as dressed up or down as you’d like.

It’s about showing off your personality for potential dates on the online dating apps. The dating photos should capture you in an authentic manner where you appear approachable.

Our professional online dating photographers in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Illinois and New York will be able to coach you throughout the session in order to achieve this.

Mens Wardrobe For Dating Photos

When looking at examples of good mens dating profiles, you’ll notice a few things.

Typically men are stiff when posing. So to combat this, the best tinder poses for guys are where they are engaging with their environment.

Like leaning over a rail, on a wall or hands in their pockets. Think casual and collected.

Good men’s online dating profile photos don’t try too hard.

Below are our recommendations so you can be sure to capture the best online dating photos for guys.

  • Casual jeans, sneakers, button up and a blazer
  • Simple black t-shirt with jeans and dress shoes. The NYC and LA dating scene is all about being cool and casual. This combo makes a great pair.
  • Shorts with a collar shirt and casual footwear
  • Additionally, some men want hot dating photos of them in briefs, or showing off the physique. 
  • Keep your skin hydrated so bring moisturizer and chap stick.
  • Keep your hair in check and bring all your hair essentials.
  • Wear hats? Bring them!
  • It is easy to add layers, so bring any interesting pieces you have like jackets, coats, or sweaters.

Working With Online Dating Photographers

Singles events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and Miami are scarce at the moment. Therefore your hot dating site photos matter more than ever.

If you’re curious on how to take good tinder pics, your best option is using a dating app. That’s where S.G.H. comes into play. We are available for anyone who needs great dating photos for men.

And we mean anyone.

For example, mature, casual, trans, gay, Jewish, Latin, Black, Christian, sober, Japanese, Indian, celebrity – and wait for it …. yes, even cougar.


Advantages of A Dating Profile Photographer

Scroll through your dating apps and what do you see in common?

  1. Blurry and pixelated dating headshots. 
  2. Or “dating photos” that in reality, are photos taken at a wedding from 5 years ago and more than likely, that individual doesn’t look anything close to that at this moment in time.

Both instances above are a bad call. Professional and quality photos for a dating profile are an essential part of attracting the right person into your love life.

Professional Dating Profile Photographer for Elevated Men

As a smart individual, you won’t make the mistakes mentioned above.

Therefore, you’ll work with a professional online dating app photographer who knows how to pose men that aren’t comfortable in front of a camera.

Sergio Garcia Headshots and his team are confident capturing the best photos to use for dating sites because of the following:

  1. We provide a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Why is this important? The best online dating photographers know that men freeze in front of the camera. By providing a laid back shooting environment, Sergio is able to capture great dating photos.
  2. Guiding you into the best poses. This leads to capturing good dating site pictures where you look natural and not too posed. As a premier dating app photographer, Sergio has over 14 years working with countless individuals. He has learned what works and doesn’t. 
  3. A professional dating photographer can also offer assistance with wardrobe options. Likewise if a hair and make up artist is needed, an online dating photographer can provide recommendations.


Recap: Who Are The Candidates for Dating Profile Photos?

  • Single men who need help on how to take tinder photos: You’re single – now what? Taking photos for your dating profile shouldn’t come from an iPhone. Not even a good LinkedIn photo would do the job as it’s not the right type of photo for dating. You’re competing in a sea of others who are looking for the same thing. You need dating photos that show you as you are in real life. Not overly filtered or pixelated. A profile photo photographer has the creative eye and tools to capture some of the best dating app photos that showcase your personality. One can’t capture sharp male profile pics on a phone.
  • Men who need professional photos for dating apps or online dating profiles: The hottest online dating profiles have great photos. That’s the entire basis of online dating; photos! Clearly you want to get noticed when online dating and a great Tinder profile picture is a good start. Working with a reputable online dating profile photographer will get you dating photos that stand out. Sergio Garcia Headshots is a top male photoshoot studio for men who need good dating pictures.

#1 Rule From a Photographer for Online Dating Sites

As internet dating photographers, we always try to make one thing clear. Men want to make sure that their professional dating site photos look as real and natural to their true selves. This means your Tinder profile picture should not be overly photoshopped.

The last thing anyone wants is their date to show up and not look anything like their online dating photos. You, like them, need to put your best foot forward, but look like yourself.

The online dating picture tips explained above by Sergio Garcia Headshots will help you achieve dating images that look like you.

If you are looking for professional dating advice to increase your chances of a date, we recommend you contact Tripp Kramer or Blaine Anderson.


Experienced Dating Profile Photographer Near Me

Sergio Garcia captures dating profile pictures for men across the country. Below we break down in more detail our favorites areas to shoot in various cities.

Dating Profile Photos in Santa Barbara

We help men capture dating profile photos in Santa Barbara that are easy-going and approachable. Some of our favorite locations include:


Dating Profile Photographer Denver

Sergio knows first hand that the Mile High City provides some amazing backdrops for single males looking for creative and authentic dating photos including:

From Lower Downtown Denver, South Park Hill and Larimer Square. Hire SGH as your online dating photographer in Denver if you want professional guidance and photos.


Dating Photos for Male Nevada Singles

The Craigslist Las Vegas personal has close to 10K searches a month. With this amount of people, all of whom are looking for a date. Men in Sin City need to up their dating photo game.

Sergio Garcia Headshots offers dating photos to both residents of Reno and Las Vegas singles.


Online Dating Photographer Chicago 

Shooting dating photos for men in Chicago is always a treat. The beautiful architecture of the Windy City offers amazing backdrops that make dating photos pop including:

So whether you’re in Forest Glen, Evanston, Beverly or the West Loop – Chicago is an iconic location to capture dating photos for men. 


Dating Profile Photos for Guys in Oregon

Single guy and dating in Portland?

Our dating studio can help craft online dating photos that capture you in a relaxed and authentic manner. We also offer dating photoshoots for men in Bethany.

Locations we shoot dating photos in Portland include:


Dating Profile Pics for Men in Arizona

Dating in Phoenix is quite hot. Literally and figuratively.

Our dating profile pics for men in Phoenix provide dating app photos that are rich and memorable. We always enjoy shooting in Flagstaff as it offers great locations for dating photos.

Cool spots for dating app photos in Phoenix are:


Texas Singles: Dating Photos for Men

Tired of going through the Dallas personals? Is speed dating in Dallas still a thing?

Sounds like you’re one of many male Dallas singles! We offer dating headshots to our clients in Dallas; Fort Worth; Plano; Frisco; Austin & Houston.

Divorced? We aren’t saying we are matchmakers, but our dating photos for men may even work for Dallas hookup apps and Tinder.

Great Dallas Locations for Dating Photos

Fort Worth Dating App Photo Spots

Areas for Dating Photos in Austin

Top Neighborhoods for Dating Photos in Houston


A New York Dating Site Requires Good photos

Although we can’t answer why dating in New York is hard. We can suspect that maybe it has to do with your dating photos? Everyone is using the best dating sites in New York.

Your one form of standing out is by hiring a dating photographer in NYC who can make you look amazing. Sergio Garcia Headshots offers dating photo services in both New York City & Brooklyn.

He is a go-to Tinder photographer in NYC.

Need Online Dating Pictures?

Remember that no experienced is needed from you in order to hire Sergio as your online dating profile photographer. Leave it up to him to guide in to capturing some of the best online dating photos.


Capture Exceptional Online Dating Photos ASAP


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Photographer for Tinder Photos for Men

As a professional tinder photographer, Sergio Garcia’s dating photo studio is hired by single men needing dating headshots and portraits for Tinder.

Tinder profile photos and dating app photos need to include a mix of different images.

For example, instead of capturing only one good dating photo or headshots, why not create an entire “dating lifestyle photoshoot”?

You want a wide range of good Tinder pics and doing this provides that.

The Best Tinder Pics SECRETS

Top tinder photos include a dating headshots, portrait, 3/4, and full length dating photos. As you move through your photoshoot, the professional internet dating photographer will capture dating pictures of you smiling, smirking, serious, and flirty.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can even ask for more sexy tinder pics.

With Tinder dating being fast paced, you want dates to take notice of your Tinder profile photo instantly. Having a good variation of Tinder dating photos to use will give you a collection of images you can cycle through when dating on apps or on dating sites.

This definitely applies to professional Tinder pictures for guys.

Professional photos for online dating should have variety and be fun, don’t overcomplicate them.

Best Tinder Pictures Techniques 

Best Tinder Photos for Guys

Your Tinder photos should focus on you only! For example, Tinder pictures for guys should not include others in the photos (e.g. other men and especially not other women). Firstly, women won’t know who’s who and it can hurt your chances of women thinking you are “the one”! 

Tinder pics for guys should automatically show the viewer their face without obstructions (hats, sunglasses etc) and their full length body.

A guy profile pic should not be dark and mysterious. Tinder pics men should be photographed in a manner where your potential date can easily identify you.

Hot guy tinder pics use good lighting and are sexy without trying to be sexy.

Professional Tinder Photographer Near Me

As you search for online dating profile photography remember that Sergio Garcia Headshots is a top choice.

Sergio frequently visits major cities across America shooting dating headshots for single men.

Ready for Good Tinder Pictures?

This Complete Guide for Online Dating Profile Photography has covered everything you need to know about capturing the best dating headshots.

Find yourself with unanswered questions to capturing good dating photos? Maybe you already have the perfect idea to capture a good photo for online dating and you just need the right professional dating photographer?

Let’s bring them to life! Don’t overcomplicate taking photos for dating apps. If you’re stressing out before the photoshoot, that is not good.

Contact A Creative Online Dating Photographer Near Me

We make it a bit more fun by taking your mind away from “taking photos” and just making the time spent together enjoyable. As an online dating photographer, we want you to say bye to your selfies and hello to hot dating photos.

When working with the best online dating photographers, they will make you feel like a model and the dating photos will show that.

Whether you’ve done dating photos before or are completely new to the idea, you will have a great time shooting your online dating profile photography with SGH.


Looking for something else? Take a look at Sergio’s various articles.