Realtor Lifestyle Photos for Bold Real Estate Agents

It’s Time To Think Beyond Real Estate Headshots

Realtor lifestyle photos VS realtor headshots – do you know the difference?

What Are Realtor Photos? 

Realtor photos are essentially business photos for realtors and are the standard type of photos that pop to mind.

For example, a realtor photo that was photographed in your brokerage office up against gray or white wall.

Similarly, there are times when the office themselves decide to take real estate headshots themselves using their smart phones.

Producing awful realtor photos that make their brand and online presence low quality. 

Re-Think Your Real Estate Photo Shoot

Sergio and his team think of these real estate headshots as the “I need a quick, cheap headshot to just throw up online”.

These types of real estate headshots show absolutely nothing unique about the real estate agents brand, story or marketing efforts. Sure, they may “just do for now” but is that the impression you want to give out in this competitive field?

It’s time that you stop thinking your real estate agent images don’t matter. 


Examples of Modern Realtor Images

California Realtor Lifestyle Photos Near Me

You need real estate agent photos or realtor lifestyle photos that showcase you in the best light. Not low-quality selfies.

We work in Los Angeles, and throughout California, photographing upscale lifestyle shoot and realtor headshots for agents needing modern images.

Below are major locations we frequent with our team.



  • Sacramento
  • San Francisco
    • Whether you want greenery in Golden Gate Park or a more urban background around Union Square, San Francisco provides a great backdrops for amazing real estate agent photo ideas.
  • San Jose
  • Santa Barbara
  • Ventura
  • Los Angeles
  • Palm Springs
    • From Indio, Palm Desert and downtown Palm Springs, we work with real estate agents who need premier lifestyle photos.
  • Orange County
    • Real estate agents needing modern headshots in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach hire Sergio for his timeless yet editorial approach to headshots.
  • San Diego
    • Balboa Park provides great backgrounds for real estate agents needing branding photos in San Diego.


Need Quality Realtor Photos in California?

Sergio Garcia Headshots is a top-rated headshot and real estate lifestyle photographer.

He and his team work with realtors in Los Angeles and across California who are seeking modern real estate headshots and lifestyle photos that capture their personality in an approachable, yet upscale manner.

Email us below to discuss your real estate agent photos.


Why and How To Take Realtor Photos With Us

Ready to schedule your real estate headshots in California?

We capture creative real estate headshots and lifestyle photos and break down what sets us apart below.


Posing Made Simple

Since 2009 we have been photographing everyone from political figures, authors, models, celebrities and business owners.

Throughout this time we have learned how to make even the most camera sensitive person look great in their photos.

All you have to do is show up.


An Elevated Approach

If you are looking for real estate headshots and lifestyle photos that are high-end, our team is for you.

Our start was in the modeling and fashion industry and all of our images carry an upscale and magazine quality to them.


Maximum Options 

You will get a wide-range of images to use all across the board.

From your website, mailers, social media and even magazine ads, we have you covered.

During our real estate lifestyle photoshoots we make sure to capture every angle, crop and as many activities as we can.

Giving you the maximum use of your images.


Modern Real Estate Headshots Examples


Realtor Lifestyle Photos Are Your Secret Weapon 

Realtor lifestyle photos are one of the most important business photo that savvy real estate agents who want to enhance their social media and marketing efforts need to capture.

As one of the countless real estate agents in your area, you need to step up your game.

You do this by creating a brand. The overdone photos of realtors against a white wall are no longer enough.

Magazine Quality Realtor Pictures in San Diego

With realtor lifestyle photos you have the opportunity to get creative portraits and capture your personality.

You are not just another real estate agent – those are already everywhere.

Remember that real estate lifestyle photos are intended to capture your business and personal lifestyle. These real estate headshots are meant to help you make a connection.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to show off your interests and hobbies when planning these real estate pictures.

Examples of Real Estate Headshots Near Me in San Francisco


High-End Real Estate Headshots in Southern California

Ready for modern and refined realtor photography in SoCal?

Sergio and his team have photographed some of the most distinguished real estate agents in Los Angeles and teams in Southern California who understand the value of unique, exclusive and high-end marketing images and realtor profile pictures.

Real Estate Photographer Los Angeles

Notable real estate agents and teams we have worked with in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Brentwood, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu and Palos Verdes include:

Chris Cortazzo, Cindy Ambuehl, Kenny Stevens Team, Rowe & Tzadik Group, Pence Hathorn Silver, and W.S.A (Wynn, Sawaii, Aston); amongst an ever expanding list of modern and social savvy real estate agents.


Realtor Images of Upscale Women

Book Your Real Estate Agent Photos in California


Capture Variety In Your Realtor Images

When searching for a professional photographer for realtor lifestyle photos, you want to see a variety of images.

For example, you want to see that they have photographed both men and women. Look for examples of realtor photos in different settings and poses.

Tip: Real estate agent pictures that show them laughing, moving, and caught in action are the best for todays tech driven marketing.

real estate photography no-nos

Some of the worst realtor photos are the ones of the realtor just blankly staring at the camera. We know you’re not comfortable in front of the camera.

You want to work with a photographer for real estate pictures who will guide you into feeling confident and relaxed in your realtor photos.

This is what leads to great real estate business photos. You don’t want to be the agent with bad realtor photos! 


Realtor Images of Dapper Men

Real Estate Agent Photos for Modern Realtors

As a realtor living and working in the age of social media. You need to think outside the box and capture unique realtor photos that portray your personality.

Bad real estate agent photos of you with your arms crossed just won’t cut it. Same goes with the photo of the realtor against a white wall.

How many other agents are using the same type of image?

Modern agents want realtor lifestyle photos that go incorporate their hobbies into the photos. That is what lifestyle photography is all about.


Fun Realtor Photo Ideas

In order for your realtor photos to stand out, you need to think outside the box a little. No worries if this is not your thing. A professional realtor headshot photographer can help you when planning out a game of attack.

When thinking about fun ideas for your realtor photos you want to think about what your hobbies are. These hobbies can be used in your realtor photoshoot and that is what will make your realtor headshots stand out.

One example of great real estate lifestyle photos we captured is of a realtor who enjoys surfing. We decided to have him bring his surfboard and headed down to Santa Monica beach.

We captured realtor lifestyle photos of him waxing his surfboard, sitting down on it and moving along the beach while carrying it.

Clients who enjoy surfing will make an instant connection with this agent just based on his realtor lifestyle photo!


la photographer for real estate pictures

These types of images are the perfect examples of great lifestyle photos for instagram and marketing.

For his second wardrobe option we did professional realtor photos of him in his button up, dress pant and dress shoes. We then photographed these real estate agent photos in an office sitting where he is working on his laptop.

You can get the best of both worlds when working with a professional realtor lifestyle photographer because they will have the experience on the best realtor photography poses. Contact SG when you’re looking for real estate photographers in Hollywood.

are real estate headshots worth it?

Having professional photos taken of you will instantly make you appear more professional, experienced and trustworthy. Professional headshots for real estate agents shouldn’t be an after thought.

Your realtor photos will be one of the first things clients see when on your website, marketing pieces and instagram. So having the best real estate headshots possible will make a stronger impact (& be of better quality than photos shot on your iPhone).

You would not see major brands using bad photos when marketing themselves or products. Neither should professional realtors.

This is to say that you can no longer use the same real estate headshot pictures you took 15 years ago.


Ideas For Real Estate Agent Portraits

Firstly, unique professional headshots that stand out start with changing what you think realtor photos should look like. We have worked with numerous agents who want their photos to look like what they think people want to see.

As mentioned earlier, this makes your realtor headshots blend in with everyone else’s. These don’t make good lifestyle photos for instagram as the content isn’t fresh and unique.

Think about things that make you, you.Your realtor photos should capture an entire mood and lifestyle.

For example, you don’t always have to be looking at the camera. You can be going over real estate presentations and be “caught off guard”.

Remember, you want your realtor photos to tell a story. Do you enjoy playing tennis? Do you surf? Maybe you like to bake, do yoga or play an instrument?

All these hobbies are part of your story. Incorporating them in your real estate photoshoots provide a fun and engaging opportunity for us to capture unique real estate lifestyle photos that enhance your brand.

Creative Real Estate Headshots for Men

When it comes to realtor headshots, men tend to have bad realtor photos. They usually do not care what their realtor photo looks like as they just want something to slap on a business card or at the bottom of a website.

This is wasted real estate when it comes to your marketing material and typically also means bland male real estate headshots.

When men are looking to have their real estate headshots (or business headshots) taken, they should look at having two different looks taken.

A Professional Realtor Photo Option

This part of your real estate photoshoot is where you can “dress the part”, so to speak. It will vary by individual but typically mens attire will be dress pants or nice fitted jeans, a button up and dress shoes.

You can choose to layer a nice blazer or jacket over it. If you want to accessorize with a nice watch, tie or cufflinks. Some men choose to wear full on suits and ties, which is fine too. 

A Lifestyle Realtor Photo Option

These realtor photos are the ones where you want to show off your personality and any hobbies you may do. Remember this part does not have to be professional or even related to real estate. It’s about connecting with people and creating a story and brand around you.

If you play a guitar, lets shoot real estate photos of you tuning it. If you are an avid cyclist, we can photograph you with your bike.

Take Aways About Real Estate Headshots

During your realtor photoshoot, you want to think outside the box. Your real estate lifestyle photos need to have an emotional energy to them. You should be caught in a moment engaging or interacting.

These unique realtor headshots should not be static and posed.


3 Reasons Realtors Take Bad Photos

Realtors take bad photos (and don’t really think much about them) for the following reasons.

  1. Realtors have the wrong idea about realtor headshot photography. They like to believe all they need is “that one” realtor headshot that they can use for 5 years.
  2. Some realtors may ask themselves “who really cares about photos”; My job is to sell homes. At the end of the day you are a business and all businesses need to market themselves to gain new clients. New age realtors embrace capturing the best real estate agent portraits for social media and marketing. Anything they can do to get a notch up above their competition is key. 
  3. There are real estate agents who decide to take their own headshots. Our saying is; If it rings, it’s not a camera. So save your iPhone selfies for Facebook and get serious about professional realtor headshots in Los Angeles.


How To Pose for Realtor Photos

We understand you’re not a model and that you probably hate posing for lifestyle photos. However, you don’t have to worry about posing much when you work with a realtor lifestyle photographer who has experience. 

Sergio Garcia Headshots is a professional lifestyle photographer who travels across the United States working with realtors who need high-end real estate agent pictures and lifestyle photos.

Business Photos for Real Estate Agents

With over 14 years of experience photographing models, actors and everyday business owners Sergio will guide you on how to capture the best poses during your realtor lifestyle photoshoot.

Working with a wide range of people have taught Sergio and his team a thing or two when it comes to capturing great poses for your realtor headshots for men and women.


Examples of Realtor Images Outdoors

Realtor Headshots Near Me in L.A.

Are you ready to book your realtor headshots (or better yet) a realtor lifestyle photoshoot?

Sergio Garcia and his team are ready to discuss any questions you may have and put a game plan together. We strive to capture creative and “cool” photos you can use in all your marketing material.

You’re encouraged to browse through our realtor headshot examples on this page and through the portfolios above.

As a professional realtor lifestyle photographer we have a team of professional hair stylist, make up artist and wardrobe stylist ready, should you need either for your realtor photoshoot. Likewise our team is available to help with real estate photo shoot ideas, should you require it.

In conclusion, we are ready to work with savvy real estate agents who know the importance of professional headshots for real estate.

Whether you need images for your website, social media or marketing materials – we are one of the top choices for real estate lifestyle photos.


Schedule Your California Realtor Lifestyle Shoot

Are you a realtor who needs headshots or a realtor lifestyle shoot? Whether you’re a one person show or a team, reach out to SGP to set up your shoot or with questions using the contact form below.

Our realtor lifestyle photos studio is based in Los Angeles and provides luxury and modern services including the following:

  • Real Estate Lifestyle Photos: Show off your individual personality with personalized real estate agent pictures. From including your hobbies or showcasing you in a luxury location, real estate lifestyle photos are absolutely needed in your marketing materials. 
  • High-End Real Estate Agent Photos: Outdoor real estate headshots are a great way to capture an approachable and airy personality. Whether in DTLA or Malibu, real estate agent photos can be fun and unique.

Sergio Garcia Headshots is based in LA and is available for immediate realtor lifestyle photos all across California.


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