Creative Business Photos in Los Angeles

Cool Portrait Photography for Modern Professionals in Los Angeles

Creative business portraits & corporate headshots in Los Angeles are a great way to catch the attention of customers and uniquely show off your personality.

Sergio Garcia Headshots works with corporate businesses of all sizes in Los Angeles. His creative business portraits and modern corporate photos tell a story about the individual and they also have an upscale quality to them.

Whether you need business headshots outside or creative headshots photographed inside a studio, Sergio and his team are capable of both.


Examples of Professional Headshots in Los Angeles

Our professional headshots in Los Angeles are great for any business owner or company.

Whether you’re a one man show or a company off 500+, we provide professional headshots in Los Angeles for all businesses.


We Capture Creative Business Portraits in Los Angeles

Creative professional photos are a must in todays social media world where consumers are bombarded by media.

When you work with Sergio and his team you can be sure that he will bring his fashion-forward approach to capture creative corporate photos of you and your team.


Professional Headshots in Los Angeles

Below are areas throughout Los Angeles we work capturing professional headshots.

Downtown Los Angeles

    • From the Walt Disney Hall, the Arts District or Little Tokyo, there are plenty of options in DTLA for creative business portraits & corporate headshots.

Culver City

    • Downtown Culver City offers great options for your corporate headshots. The Culver Hotel has amazing textures and provides a great background for one of a kind corporate headshots.



Manhattan Beach

    • Looking for creative business portraits close to the water? Manhattan Beach, along with all the beach cities in LA, offer great locations to capture corporate headshots that are cool and have a beachy lifestyle to them.


West Hollywood

Beverly Hills

    • Need corporate and business headshots with an upscale look? Rodeo Drive is a great background for creative business photos in LA. Every store front offers a unique exterior for your business headshots.

Santa Monica

    • From Palisades Park to The Promenade, Santa Monica has numerous modern and funky facades for corporate headshots and creative business portraits.

Malibu Long

    • Corporate headshots in Malibu offer a laid-back and surfer cool vibe. Perfect for clients who want a no-frills vibe.

Long Beach

    • Downtown Long Beach is a hidden gem for clients wanting a mix of backgrounds that provide modern architecture and old-time classics. Sergio loves to utilize the surrounding locations for creative business portraits.


Examples of a Modern Professional Portrait in Los Angeles

Our professional headshots in Los Angeles CA are crisp, modern and never boring.

Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles Don’t Have To Suck

We want to let you know that your corporate headshots in Los Angeles don’t have to suck.

It doesn’t have to be this boring thing you have to do in order to please your company or boss.

Sergio Garcia is a Los Angeles corporate photographer that aims to break the mold from the cheesy, traditional and boring corporate headshots where you just stand there and smile.

We want you to have corporate headshots in LA that are modern, upscale and have a magazine quality to them.

Why should they be any less?


Los Angeles Business Portrait Photography

Clients needing business portrait and headshot photography in Los Angeles can no longer get away with using uninspiring corporate photos, casual LinkedIn headshots in a studio or a business portrait that doesn’t relate to your unique story. 

Sergio and his team capture corporate and business portrait photography that is polished, authentic and captures a story. After all, creative business portraits make a greater impact on your website and social media channels.

That is why we want to work with companies and individuals who want to enhance their image content by capturing vivid and personable business portrait photos.

Mastering The Creative Headshot in LA

What’s the difference between mundane business headshots and creative corporate photos? What comes to mind when you think of company headshots?

You’re probably visualizing the traditional corporate portrait in LA that is photographed against a white background. Right?

This type of professional business portrait is overdone. It hardly creates any engagement and doesn’t tell a story about you.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, fitness instructor, law firm, agent, manager, medical clinic, chef, author, or other small business, being un-noticed is not what you want.

You need creative professional headshots in Los Angeles that use unique lighting, or interesting vignettes to capture your personality.

Capture Your Los Angeles Creative Headshots

Need creative business portraits in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California?

Sergio Garcia and his team can help with your photography marketing services and capture creative company headshots.

Contact our full-service photography studio below.


Contact us for Creative Business Portraits and Corporate Headshots in LA


Capture Professional Business Pictures in Los Angeles

Our number one goal as headshot creative photographers in California is to capture story-telling and fun professional corporate headshots of our clients throughout Los Angeles.

Don’t settle for uninspiring and cheap looking business photos. Your professional business pictures make a major impression on potential clients.

Below are 3 benefits to hiring us for your creative business photos.


Stand Out

Your creative business photos should show off a piece of your personality.

Whether that’s a hobby or a special skill, your creative headshots should tell a story about you and we help you plan out what that should be.

This tiny effort will help you stand out from your competition.


Professionalism Matters

Cool corporate photos that are eye-catching and professional will set your companies content apart.

Since 2009 we have been helping business owners in Los Angeles capture professional creative corporate photos and business headshots.

Our work and reviews speak for themselves.


Multiple Use 

Our creative professional photos work everywhere.

From your website, social media channels, and all marketing materials, we make sure to capture a wide range of creative photos for our clients.

We believe in capturing plenty of options for our clients when it comes to creative business portraits and headshots in Los Angeles.


Examples Of Creative Business Portraits in Los Angeles

Creative Professional Business Headshots in Los Angeles

Why are we so persistent on capturing good corporate headshots for our clients in LA?

We want you to succeed in todays marketing environment and to do this you need top caliber corporate portrait photography.

For example, in 2020 millennials will be accounting for more than 30% of the retail sales in the States. The number is mind blowing, at $1.4 trillion being spent by this group. Likewise half of millennials consider themselves content creators and 75% share content online. 

In order to have content that is shareable, it must be interesting, creative and unique.

How are your dated headshot any of the above? 

Millennials want to connect with businesses that truly show their story and one of the best ways to do that is by showing your personality via creative business photos.

Time To Think About Cool Headshot Ideas

  • Cool headshots don’t have to be complicated. All it takes is hiring a photographer, like Sergio Garcia Headshots, who has the creative eye to capture unique story-telling portraits. He’s able to capture the best company headshots for creatives in Los Angeles – whether posed or caught “in a moment”. 
  • Creative professional corporate headshots in LA should be fun and something you update frequently. It’s not about using the same old creative professional photos for years. You now want to strategically think about shooting often. Maybe as often as every quarter. or for major holidays.

Working with a professional portrait photographer in Los Angeles who understands what you and your business is about is key.

A professional business photographer like Sergio Garcia Headshots will ask the right questions in order to capture authentic creative business portraits.

Are you ready to capture awesome headshots and creative business portraits in Los Angeles?


Creative Corporate Headshots Photographer in L.A.

How do you plan the most effective corporate headshots and editorial portraits for your branding?

Additionally, how do you know where to start when planning your creative corporate team photography?

Discover professional portrait ideas below to consider when planning your corporate headshots and creative professional headshots.


Rules for Corporate and Creative Headshots

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

As mentioned earlier, the best business portraits aren’t always on a white background (especially if you’re wanting creative agency headshots).

You are allowed to use background colors that scream “look at me!”.

Think about using yellow or reds as a background instead.

These types of agency headshots are eye catching because it makes the viewers stop and look at them for a longer period of time.

If you plan to use any strategic text or “commands” around your creative corporate photos, this works great.

Use Creative Lighting

The lighting for creative headshots can be more than just flat light.

Flat lighting is usually loved by many people it reduces the amount of wrinkles and fine lines that are noticeable in headshots.

However, because flat lighting tend to be straight on it leaves the business pictures looking dull.

Consider having your business portrait photographer in Los Angeles use more creative lighting.

This can include directional lighting coming from one side or from up above.

For example, think something along the lines of Mad Men.

These types of unique headshots are more stylized.

They require an experienced and professional business photographer.

If done incorrectly, it can make your business headshots look spooky and amateur.

Sergio’s business and corporate headshot studio in Los Angeles is able to accommodate all types of creative lighting to get the effect that best fits your brand.

Embrace Fun Headshot Poses

Fun professional headshots don’t always have to include your arms being crossed or in your pockets.

For creative corporate photos, think about using a prop.

This will give you something to do so that you aren’t left wondering what to do with your arms.

For instance, use a chair!

You can lean on the side or back in an interesting way.

Likewise you may be able to use a table while casually sitting on the corner of it.

These small little adjustments will lead to more unique professional headshots.

Come To Life With Environmental Headshots

Environmental shots are some of our favorite to photograph.

These types of editorial headshots are shot in your natural work environment.

Think about when you flip through GQ, FORBES, TIMES or INC magazines and they do a profile on some new tech guru or billionaire.

Those creative business images are usually always shot in whatever environment it is they work in.

From their factory, car plant, lab, or inside their private jet.

These are all known as environmental headshots because they show you in an environment.

Which as mentioned, is typically related to your work.

This type of corporate photo always draws the viewer in because they see you in an interesting setting and get an idea of what you do, immediately.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Corporate Headshots Outside

Remember how we mentioned that environmental headshots tend to be shot in ones work environment?

Well corporates business pictures can also incorporate the same idea.

What do we mean?

Your creative business photos don’t always have to be done against a solid background color.

Take your corporate company images outside using an interesting part of your buildings exterior.

Or use an interesting hallway or wall inside your office building.

These make for fun and unique corporate images for a website. 

Capture Creative Company Headshots

You should definitely consult with your business portrait photographer on what he or she thinks would make an ideal location for your corporate headshots.

Sergio’s studio offers premier photography marketing services for business owners who need to break away from their competition.

Including securing a hair stylist, make up artist and even a wardrobe stylist that will further elevate your creative business portraits & corporate headshots in Los Angeles.


Email Us To Book Your Corporate & Business Headshots in Los Angeles


Ad Agency Headshots For Creative Companies

Every business wants to have great team pages on their website. It’s all about showing a personality and your companies creativity through the visuals of your creative business photos.

For instance, creative business portraits can involve us capturing you and your team in a team building activity. This “behind the scenes” activity is a great way to show the world how your team operates.

Scenarios like the above make for cool portraits that work great to share on social media like instagram and facebook.

From creative agency team photos to a modern team photo, we channel creativity to capture something unique for you.

Creative Professional Headshots

What else can we do to capture a creative business photo portrait?

What about drawing inspiration from something outside of your industry? Do you have a favorite album cover you love? Or movie poster? 

Let’s take this and tweak it in order to capture headshots and portraits that work for your business. Not only would the business photoshoot be fun in general, but you would end up with a unique business photo.

Think outside the box when planning your creative business photos in Los Angeles. This creative mindset can be applied to any type of headshot for any professional. For example, even professional headshots for therapists or coaches!

Fun professional corporate headshots in L.A. don’t have to follow any certain rules.


Examples of Creative Professional Headshots in Los Angeles

As a Los Angeles corporate photographer, we want your corporate headshots and professional portrait to be you, fun and eye-catching.


Ready for Creative Professional Photos in Los Angeles?

Serious about enhancing your marketing material? Ready to capture one of the best professional business photo of yourself?

Sergio Garcia is your go-to professional business photographer for creative business portraits & corporate headshots in Los Angeles.

We look forward to working with you.


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